Everwood returns to TV

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Everwood, the cult favorite that was taken off the WB schedule after the network announced it would merge with UPN, will return to the schedule with two hour-long episodes on Monday, March 27, at 8 p.m.

The two "fresh" episodes (to use WB parlance) are "Ghosts" and "Lost and Found," and they will focus on the relationship of Ephram and Amy, played by Gregory Smith and Emily VanCamp, respectively. "Ghosts" guest-stars Steven R. McQueen, the grandson of Hollywood legend Steve McQueen.

Everwood was taken off the schedule in January when The WB and UPN announced they were each shutting down and merging into a new network, The CW. The CW has not announced the fates of any of their respective shows, such as Smallville and Veronica Mars, but they have ordered several new pilots.

Today CW executives announced they would conduct a major marketing blitz over the summer to prepare the world for the network's imminent launch.

The future of Everwood is further clouded now that show creator Greg Berlanti has signed a seven-figure deal with Touchstone TV to produce new shows.

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