Everything Finally Over for Jon & Kate

...USA's pleasant new crime series White Collar has been renewed for a second season. Its fall finale managed to haul some 5.5 million viewers, more than watched the premiere. The rest of the first season's episodes will pick back up in January, with the second go-around scheduled sometime for... who knows when. Really this is just good news for Tiffani Amber Thiessen. And good news for her is good news for all of us. [THR]

...Is there a plot to unseat the Emmys as the reigning awards-bestower in the land of television? There just might be! Though, it wouldn't be for the reasons you'd hope—like that actually good shows (The Wire, Friday Night Lights, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia) never seem to get any recognition at the Emmys while other stuff (Two and a Half Men, Boston [shudder] Legal) keeps on racking up trophies. No, it'd actually just be about the cost of producing the Emmys or some such. Ah well. [Variety]

...A British comedian and writer named Danny Wallace has been tapped to star in a comedy for ABC called Awkward Situations for Men, based on a book of his. Essentially it's about Wallace moving to America with his wife and experiencing something of a culture clash. So really it should be called Awkward Situations for British People Who Move to America. The whole 'Men' thing suggests something a lot broader. I think males on both sides of the pond can relate to the whole handshake-hug-back-pat confusion issue of how to say hello and goodbye, for example. [THR]

...Lindsay Pulsipher, an actress previously on that Patrick Swayze show The Beast, has been cast on True Blood as a new, mysterious love interest for the Southern sex-god that is Jason Stackhouse. There's something about her disappearing into the forest or something. So, what? Tree nymph? Owl in disguise? Hobo? [THR]

...Though she'd been out of the spotlight for a while, for some reason Saturday Night Live decided to do a brief parody of Brittany Murphy on their December 5th episode. It was strange timing given that, as we all probably know, the young actress would be dead two weeks later. Hulu has pulled the skit off of its site to, presumably, never be seen again. [EW]

...Well, there you go. Jon and Kate Gosselin—terrible child-exploiters, vainglorious reality stars—are officially divorced, some six months after starting the proceedings. The children are also officially ruined forever, though that was confirmed some time ago. [NYT]

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