Exterminators called to Showtime

When the creators of the comic The Exterminators first came up with its idea, they envisioned it as a television show. Simon Oliver and Tony Moore pitched the story about a group of eccentrics working for a pest-control company, but it was a comic-book publisher who ended up picking up the pitch.

Now The Exterminators is getting a chance at the small screen. Showtime is working with Dexter executive producer Sara Colleton to bring the series to television, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The Exterminators, which ran for 30 issues, follows an ex-convict who finds work with Bug-Be-Gone killing roaches, rats, and other creepy crawlies. Described as a Six Feet Under with pesticide instead of embalming fluid, the drama will focus on the dysfunctional characters.

Showtime has not yet set a timetable for the show's debut.

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