Fairly Legal Gets Served With Renewal Papers

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... The good news: Sarah Shahi will still be on TV. Honestly, she might be the hottest woman in the world right now, and I have no idea why she's not a bigger star. If I've learned one thing in Hollywood, it's that hot = talented. Anyway, I think I had a point here. Oh yeah, USA has renewed Fairly Legal, starring Shahi, for a second season. The show will also undergo major creative changes, and I hope one of them is making it mandatory for Shahi to wear a bikini in every scene. Imagine that, a lawyer in a bikini! She wins cases by exiting swimming pools in slow motion! [Deadline Hollywood]

... I'm no Hollywood actor, but I don't think it's a good idea to appear on award shows and say that you're about to be unemployed even though your bubble show is still on the air. Brothers & Sisters star Rachel Griffiths did that on Australia's Logie Awards. Bros n' Sisses is rumored to be one of many shows facing uncertain futures, and Griffiths seems to think it won't be renewed. All ABC had to say in response was, "No decision has been made yet." [TV Tonight]

... How about that Royal Wedding, eh? I'm still eating the leftover Corgie-shaped crumpets from my viewing party! About 22.8 million viewers tuned in to watch coverage of the wedding across 11 networks, despite the fact that it started early in the morning on a weekday in America. [EW]

... Two of Fox's bigger sci-fi projects might be dead. Alcatraz, from J.J. Abrams, and Locke & Key, the adaptation of Joe Hill's graphic novel, are both cooling off at the network, according to Deadline Hollywood. With Fringe returning for Season 4, it makes sense that Fox would be weary of clogging its schedule with more serialized sci-fi, which is quickly becoming the genre non grata due to track records showing they don't hold audiences. [Deadline Hollywood]

... USA Network has announced its most recent development slate, and only just over half of its new shows are about cops or lawyers or doctors! Among the more interesting offerings are Big In Japan, which sees a boy band reunite several years after breaking up, and We the Jury, a comedy about jurors at a high-profile celebrity murder trial. For the others, follow the link. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Emily Mortimer (Shutter Island, Phoebe from 30 Rock) is in discussions to join HBO's More As the Story Develops, the drama from Aaron Sorkin about a 24-hour news network. She'd play an executive producer. [Deadline Hollywood]

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