Fairly Legal: Watch an Exclusive Clip from This Week's Episode (VIDEO)

Getting fired sucks. But alas, it's the matter at hand in tonight's episode of Fairly Legal, "Shine a Light," in which the venerable Kate Reed (Sarah Shahi) must deal with a particularly sensitive arbitration surrounding a aeronautics engineer who's just been pink-slipped.

The fine folks at USA have set us up with an exclusive clip from the episode, which features Marshall Flinkma—er, former Alias star Kevin Weisman—in the role of Danny, the now-jobless gentleman who's having an understandably rough time with his new employment status; just TRY not to feel bad for the guy as you watch him go up against his former boss (guest-star Tom Amandes) at the mediation table.

Kate to the rescue!

Fairly Legal airs Friday nights at 9pm on USA.

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I really should dislike this show. But dammit I could watch Sarah Shahi paint a house and be content.
Kate was also on Alias in the first season, so they can compare notes about how Sydney was so different from home to work.

Hopefully this won't be another Matlock/Perry Mason-style episode like last week where Kate does all the detective legwork for the parties, I hate those types of stories - lawyers and mediators should concern themselves with the issues at hand, not act as detectives to dredge up "the truth", the truth should come out in mediation or court.
I think the main character is a narcissist and rather selfcentred thats why I bailed on this from the first season. People like that (House , Patrick Jane etc) are only good for a couple of episodes before they become total d**ks.

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