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Fall TV 2013: Your Everything Guide to the New Season, Including Premiere Dates!

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The new fall TV season is upon us, and as usual, it's jam-packed with so many new shows you can't possibly keep them all straight. That's where this story comes in! Bookmark it now; below, you'll find a filterable guide to all the new and returning TV series that are airing this fall. Premiere dates, airtimes, show descriptions, editors' picks—they're all in there. We'll continue to update it in the coming weeks.

And if you click the follow button next to any given show, it will: 1. add that show to your "following" list (which you can access via the dropdown menu in the upper righthand corner of the site, next to your user name), 2. add that show to a personalized listings module on the homepage, and 3. add you as a member of the corresponding show community (if it exists), which means you'll see posts about the show in your community feed.  

Please give the module a few seconds to load, it's a heavy one!

What will YOU be watching this fall?

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