Fall TV Scorecard: Let's See How the Networks' Cancellations and Pickups Compare to Our Most Popular Dead Pool Picks

It's almost Halloween, so not only are there ghosts pretty much everywhere, but lots of TV show Grim Reapers are looming in the shadows. We're getting to the point of the season where broadcast networks need to decide for reals what they're doing with their new fall series, so I thought now might be a good time to not only compile a little pickup/cancellation scorecard for the season's new fall shows, but to see how it compares compare to our collective Dead Pool picks. With four shows already down, we're only one cancellation away from naming a winner, so here's a quick rundown of where everything stands—which show do you think will be the fifth to fall? 


Back in the Game – TBD

Neither picked up for a full season nor canceled, however ABC *did* order more scripts, which is a good sign the network is thinking of keeping the show around.

Betrayal – TBD

Somehow hanging on, even though Tim called the pilot one of the worst he's ever seen. Still, even though the show's ratings are low, they're not as low as they could be. But we definitely didn't expect it last for five episodes, that's for damn sure. 

The Goldbergs – TBD

Neither picked up for a full season nor canceled, but just like with Back in the Game, ABC ordered more scripts. This show has definitely grown on me, so I'm hoping it gets a full season after all. 


Canceled after two episodes—the first offing of the season. 

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – PICKED UP/RENEWED 

Picked up for a full season after three episodes, surprising no one.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland – TBD 

Three episodes in, the show is getting better creatively but sinking fast in the ratings. Why the network didn't just schedule it on Sundays during OUAT's winter break is beyond me.  

Super Fun Night – TBD

Same deal as Back in the Game and The Goldbergs: Neither picked up for a full season nor canceled, but ABC ordered more scripts. Don't do it, ABC! Give Rebel Wilson the axe!

Trophy Wife – TBD 

Say with with me now: Neither picked up for a full season nor canceled, but ABC ordered more scripts. All I'm saying is that this show is pretty great and it definitely deserves to live. 


The Blacklist – PICKED UP/RENEWED 

Other than The Voice, the closest thing NBC's had to a hit in a while. Picked up for a full season after two episodes.

Dracula – TBD 

Premiered Friday, October 25 to not-too-sucky ratings. Could still stick around for a while! 

Ironside – CANCELED 

Canceled after three episodes.

The Michael J. Fox Show – PICKED UP/RENEWED 

Ratings are low, but this one isn't going anywhere until spring at the earliest, because NBC gave the show a 22-episode, straight-to-series order right off the bat.

Sean Saves the World – TBD 

Still holding on somehow, low ratings be damned, almost certainly because of NBC's inexplicable devotion to Sean Hayes. Received an order for four more scripts around the same time that NBC canceled Ironside and Welcome to the Family. The network is hoping that by cycling The Voice and some one-off programming through its 8pm to 9pm hour on Thursdays (at Parks and Recreation's expense), it can increase exposure to both Sean Saves the World and The Michael J. Fox Show

Welcome to the Family – CANCELED 

Canceled after three episodes.



Picked up for a full season after four episodes. 

Hostages – TBD 

Not doing so hot in the ratings—the star-powered "kill the president" thriller is getting beat regularly by Hawaii Five-0, which now airs on Friday because Hostages took over its Monday-night timeslot. It's unlikely that CBS will yank the the show early, though, since Season 1 was a 15-episode over-and-out deal right from the start. However, it has zero chance of earning an Under the Dome-esque "we know it was supposed to be a limited-run thing but now we're bringing it back anyway" Season 2 renewal.


Picked up for a full season after three episodes. 


Picked up for a full season after four episodes. 

We Are Men – CANCELED 

Canceled after two episodes.


Almost Human – TBD 

Initially scheduled to premiere on November 4, the show will now debut with two episodes over two nights on Sunday, November 17 an Monday, November 18.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – PICKED UP/RENEWED 

Picked up for a full season after five episodes, and awarded the coveted post-Super Bowl time slot (along with New Girl).


Picked up for a full season after six episodes, to many viewers' dismay.

MasterChef Junior – TBD 

Doing fine on Fridays. Likely to be renewed for 2014 (it's not really eligible for a back-nine pickup, given the finite nature of the competition). 

Sleepy Hollow – PICKED UP/RENEWED 

Renewed for Season 2 after three episodes. There's no back-nine pickup for this one; Fox is keeping Season 1 to 13 episodes, and the finale will air on Monday, January 20 before the Season 2 premiere of The Following.

The CW

The Originals – TBD 

Looking good for a full-season pickup at the very least. 

Reign – TBD 

Premiered late, on Thursday, October 17, so it's only got two (low-rated) episodes under its belt (also its belt is way too sexy for the time period and is in no way an accurate period costume, but what the hell, the show's kinda fun). Could easily receive and "off with her head," but this is The CW, so who knows. 

The Tomorrow People – TBD 

Could still go either way. Episode 4 airs this week. 


So out of 27 new fall shows, we've got eight renewals/full-season pickups (nine, if you count The Michael J. Fox Show's full-season order) and four cancellations. And as I said above, we're only one axing a way from declaring a Dead Pool winner. However: Based on the graph above, Dads' full-season pickup likely threw a wrench into many of your lineups, and Super Fun Night and The Goldbergs are currently poised to do the same. 

Which show do you think will be the fifth to fall?  

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