Falling Skies: Let's Try to Remember What Happened Last Season!

Members of the 2nd Mass hide from Jimmy.

This happens a few times a year: A season premiere sneaks up on us and next thing you know we're trying to remember what happened last season. TNT's mostly mediocre but sometimes decent science-fiction series Falling Skies returns in just a few days for its all-important second season, and the cobwebs are thick. I seem to remember a bunch of dirty people fighting aliens or something?

Let's meld our minds to suss out the big unanswered questions from the Season 1 finale, determine the important questions going forward, and try to figure out what that little rascal Jimmy will be up to in Season 2! Obviously spoilers abound, so if you haven't seen Season 1, come back when you're done watching it and point out my mistakes and laugh at me in the comments.

What kind of food do they serve on alien spaceships?

Season 1 had more ups and downs than Captain Weaver on a pill binge, but one of its finest moments was the cliffhanger ending of Season 1, when Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) went aboard the alien spaceship to keep his kids safe. What will they be doing to him on the ship? Does it rhyme with "bay-null robe?" How long will Tom be on the spaceship? Since he's Falling Skies' main character, I'm guessing he'll be back pretty quickly, being the leader of the Resistance and all.

How cool is it to be half-alien?

One of the other strong storylines in Season 1 belonged to Ben Mason (Connor Jessup), the teenage Ryan Phillippe. Remember how Ben had his harness removed and went from zombie child alien slave to weirdo kid who can hear radio signals? His fellow de-harnessed friend Rick was acting much weirder, though, and ended up with all kinds of weird effects, including the skills to be a world-class Parkour champion.

What up with those harnesses anyway?

There are still lots of theories here. When they're strapped to the kids, they appear to sedate them as well as facilitate some form of mind control by the aliens. The harnesses also change their hosts' physiology slightly, giving affected kids a horror-story case of backne. But my mind was particularly exploded when the humans dissected a Skitter only to find a harness on its spine, indicating that the harness might turn the host INTO a Skitter. Egad! We saw evidence of this when adorable little Megan showed up with green skin; if Ben sprouts some extra legs, we'll know it's the case. But perhaps not having the harness on slows the process down... or does something else entirely.

What the fudge are Skitters, anyway?

At first Skitters seemed like the enemy, but now they could be enslaved aliens under control of the REAL bad guys—the tall, skinny, Shawn Bradley-looking dudes that we'll refer to as "Slenders." Did Skitters always look like that, or are they mutated aliens from other planets that've been turned into Skitters?

And what the heck are the "Slenders"?

I don't know, man! Bad guys from outer space, it looks like!

Enough aliens! I want to talk romance!

Ewww, romance? Fine. Dr. Anne (Moon Bloodgood) and Tom shared a long-overdue kiss in the finale. And Margaret seems to be flirting with everyone, including Tom's eldest son, Hal (Drew Roy). But Hal is also trying to find his old girlfriend Karen, who is under control of the aliens. And Jimmy obviously has a crush on everyone. Stupid Jimmy. But if you're watching this show for the romantic elements, then you're a lunatic.

What will Jimmy's hair look like this season?


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Falling Skies returns for Season 2 with a two-hour premiere on Sunday, June 17 at 9pm. And yep, much to your chagrin, I'll be covering it weekly.

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