Family Confidential: Barnes Storms

Australian rock 'n' roll legend Jimmy Barnes may be well-known for his artistry, but he is also remembered for his drug and alcohol scandals. In Family Confidential explores how some of Australia's most well-known and influential families deal with success, fame and notoriety. In past episodes, the ABC program has featured the likes of the Lowys, Janes, Waterhouses, Garretts, Hemmes and Mundines.

In Monday's episode, the spotlight is on Jane Barnes as she discusses the challenges of holding a rock 'n' roll family together.

At one point, Jimmy's lifestyle -- the drugs, the booze and the depression -- took its toll on his marriage and family.

"It did get to a point where it wasn’t manageable for me", Jane recalls in the soon-to-air episode.

But ingrained with family values that stem from her traditional upbringing in Thailand, Jane stood by her man even during his worst storms.

In the Barnes edition of Family Confidential, viewers will get to know the supportive extended family that helped Jimmy turn his life around.

There are the couple's four children, Jimmy's son from a past relationship and Jane’s parents. Through them, audiences throughout Australia will learn more about the Barnes family culture.

As you may have heard, Jimmy also found out this year that he fathered two grown-up women who now reside in Adelaide. Perhaps the episode will reveal if they too have been incorporated into the Barnes' family clan.

Viewers might even be treated to an MTV Cribs-style tour of the Sydney home where the clan resides today.

But from what we have heard, you will find the Barnes' are now much more akin to The Brady Bunch than The Osbournes.

Family Confidential airs 8pm Monday, December 27 on ABC1.

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