Family Guy befouls Canada

An anonymous fan of the Family Guy caused Internet excitement when he posted a clip on YouTube of last Sunday's broadcast, which contained a use of the "F" word. The poster questioned whether the profanity would draw the ire of the Federal Communications Commission, which has cracked down in recent years on what it views to be indecent.

As it turns out, the explicit language occurred only in Canada. Web site TV Barn today deduced that a Canadian viewer had downloaded the clip--TV downloading is legal in Canada--and posted it to the video-sharing site.

The clip featured a Hummer-driving frat boy listening to a radio broadcast he declared amusing before crashing heedlessly into other drivers.

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has long antagonized the FCC. In a 2005 episode of the show, main character Peter grows so fed up with the commission that he starts his own TV station. In MacFarlane's other show, American Dad!, a comedically gory episode was meant to test the FCC's boundaries regarding violent content.

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