Family Guy moving forward without creator


Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane isn't your typical showrunner--he's much, much more. The outspoken producer is the lifeblood of the animated hit as he oversees its creation, writes episodes, and provides voices for several of the main characters, including Peter, Brian, Stewie, and Glen "Ohhhhhh yeah!" Quagmire.

But now the Family is moving on without its patriarch. 20th Century Fox Television is proceeding with production of the hit show while Seth MacFarlane walks the picket lines of the Writers Guild of America strike.

Last week, MacFarlane told Variety that only one new episode of Family Guy was ready to go, and that several others were close to completion. However, he said that while the strike was ongoing, he wouldn't perform any of his duties (writing or nonwriting) on the show and that Fox would have to finish the episodes without him--something he jokingly said would make him "angry."

The words got a little more serious yesterday, as the possibility of Fox moving on with Family Guy without him inches closer to reality.

"It would be a colossal dick move if they did that," MacFarlane told Variety yesterday. He added: "It's going to be unfortunate and damaging to our relationship if they do."

Legally, 20th Century Fox Television is doing nothing wrong by finishing up the Family Guy episodes, as they produce the show. However, it will be doing so without MacFarlane's final nod of approval.

As for the voices on the show, a source close to the production of Family Guy confirmed to that there won't be any Seth MacFarlane impersonators voicing Peter or any of the other characters. The voice work was recorded by the original actors many moons ago.

Representatives from 20th Century Fox Television had no comment on the matter.

Sunday's episode of Family Guy sees Peter fighting for immigrant rights after he discovers he was born in Mexico. The show will feature guest voices from Carrie Fisher and Phyllis Diller. For more on Family Guy, read's previous coverage.

For more on the writers strike, check out's Strike Source, featuring up-to-date statuses on shows, the latest information, and more.

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