Family Guy to spoof Jedi, it will

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The spoof is strong with this one. Fox's Family Guy has already given the Giggity to Star Wars with the popular Blue Harvest episode that parodied the seminal science-fiction film, and has a take on The Empire Strikes Back in the works. Can you guess what's next?

In the best-yet-least-surprising news of the month, Family Guy will collide universes with Return of the Jedi, says The Hollywood Reporter. And it's further along than one would think. The cast of Family Guy finished a table read of the script for the third Star Wars spoof earlier this week.

Family Guy has embraced "geek culture" (popular media's term, not mine), and doesn't appear to have any intentions of stopping. Fox recently revealed that an upcoming episode of Family Guy would feature the Griffins visiting a Star Trek convention and hanging out with the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation, with the original actors providing voices.

Oh boy… can't wait to see what Seth McFarlane does with Ewoks. Please make Brian hump one.

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