Fans of canceled shows go down fighting

Everything good must come to an end, but don't tell that to dedicated fans of canceled television shows. In what has become a time-honored tradition, groups of diligent folks are banding together and attempting to sway the corporate giants who care only about ratings. Sometimes, it works (Family Guy); most of the time, it doesn't (Angel, Miracles, Farscape, Ed...).

Fans of HBO's Carnivàle have flooded HBO with homemade tarot cards, hoping another season of the show is in their future. In the case of ABC's Eyes, almost 7,000 people have signed an online petition urging ABC to show the five unaired episodes of the private-eye series. Devout followers of CBS' Joan of Arcadia, who call themselves "Arcadia's Army," have started mailing strings of yarn to other networks in the hopes that one of them will knit a new season out of them.

Possibly the mother of all dedicated fan bases, the Trekkers of Star Trek attempted to save the recently canceled Star Trek: Enterprise. The campaigners raised around $3 million to go toward productions costs, but UPN didn't beam down any more episodes. Not discouraged, they sent a signal to the Sci-Fi Network in the hopes that their intergalactic distress call would be answered. It wasn't.

Spock might say these fans are illogical, but then Bones would remind him that that's what makes them human.

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Aug 25, 2006
Does anyone know the name of the website dedicated to canceled shows. The website is sometimes advertised on tv. I know it starts with a "b" but can't, for the life of me, remember anything other than that. Thanks in advance for your help.
Aug 01, 2006
Yeah, for every show saved there are a ton that go to tv land. Sad state of affairs it is.

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