Fantasy Casting: A Sneakers TV Show

Earlier this week, Grantland TV critic Andy Greenwald floated the idea of a TV adaptation of the 1992 cult classic film Sneakers. For those unfamiliar with the movie, it was a comedic thriller with some creepily prescient ideas about the future of digital espionage and technological warfare, plus a ridiculously star-studded cast led by Robert Redford and Sidney Poitier.

Here's Greenwald's pitch:

As a movie [Sneakers] was the perfect mixture of warm characterization and legit thrills, which translates too easily into TV: It'd be a comic caper with real stakes, like the hours that end up on USA but with night-vision goggles instead of sunglasses. The best thing is, there was already a brilliant show that captured this spirit: the late, great Terriers. So let's hire Shawn Ryan and Ted Griffin to do the adaptation.

As a big fan of the movie, I'd be all over this show. But the idea got me thinking about who I'd want to see in the cast, so I've put together a re-casting game to decide exactly that: In the widget below, you'll see the original actors on the left and a few suggested replacements. The Dan Aykroyd role in particular could really use some creativity. Once you've filled out your picks, be sure to add them to the comments.

For diehard fans of the movie, feel free to debate the smaller roles in the comment section, especially whether TV veterans Stephen Tobolowsky (who's now available in the wake of his Mindy Project firing) and Donal Logue (of Ryan's Terriers no less) should reprise their respective efforts (we vote yes!).

The best news? It looks like Shawn Ryan took notice of the idea...

Would you watch a Sneakers TV show?

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