Favourite Aussie TV couples

We count down our favourite young Aussie TV couples.

From star-crossed romances to on-again-off-again relationships, these are our top young couples on Australian television.

5. Tayler (Gillian Alexy) and Patrick (Luke Jacobz) on McLeod's Daughters

Getting together during the seventh season of McLeod's Daughters, these two were the best of friends before they became lovers. Struggling to get intimate with one another, the following season saw Tayler's (Gillian Alexy) attitude to sex, Patrick's (Luke Jacobz) big city aspirations and the loud-but-lovable Noisy the Dog wreak havoc in their love life. Freaking out at the suggestion they move in together, Patrick approached the relationship the same way he approached his famous skydiving and parachuting sessions -- letting himself fall just a tad before unleashing the safety device. But after getting through the rocky parts of their journey, the young couple fell deeply in love and became a permanent fixture on the show.

4. Sunny (Hany Lee Choi) and Zeke (Matthew Werkmeister) on Neighbours

With their amusing love-at-first-fight moments and undeniable chemistry, this interracial couple seemed to be a match made in heaven from the get-go. Debuting on-screen during the 2009 season of Neighbours, fish-out-of-water Korean exchange student Sunny Lee (Hany Lee Choi) was thrown into an awkward housing situation with Zeke (Matthew Werkmeister), prompting her to lash out at her new housemate in a futile attempt to hide her true feelings for him. Growing closer to one another over time, Zeke helped Sunny open up about her insecurities, while she helped him get his professional life back in order.

3. Donna (Margot Robbie) and Ringo (Sam Clark) on Neighbours

Going through their share of rocky patches, the 2009 season of Neighbours saw this troubled-yet-lovable couple embroiled in some high-profile tension, including Donna's (Margot Robbie) hanky-panky with the charming-but-sleazy Andrew Robinson (Jordan Smith) during schoolies week, a subsequent break-up and Ringo's (Sam Clark) fear of long-term commitment. Getting back together in the 2010 season, Ringo managed to prove himself to his soul mate by proposing to her on bended knee. Becoming the 36th couple on the show to tie the knot, Donna walked down the aisle to her beau's romantic rendition of Angry Anderson's "Suddenly". Agreeing to be a "solid" couple from that day on, the 2010 season saw the couple take the concept of commitment much more seriously than ever before. Unfortunately, their relationship came to a head when Ringo was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident, tearing the couple apart for eternity.

2. Angelo (Luke Jacobz) and Charlie (Esther Anderson) on Home and Away

Partners in crime and in love, the 2008 season of Home and Away saw the introduction of this new copper couple -- Angelo Rosetta (Luke Jacobz) and Charlie Buckton (Esther Anderson). Debuting on the show as an instant item, things between this dynamic duo started to go south when it was revealed that Angelo (Luke Jacobz) accidentally caused the death of Summer Bay's golden boy, Jack Holden (Paul O'Brien). Calling it quits after the incident, Angelo eventually started to see May Stone (Alin Sumarwata), which Charlie tried to sabotage. Prone to getting back together sooner or later, these two coppers have each other by the handcuffs.

1. Melissa (Zoe Ventoura) and Ben (Hugh Sheridan) on Packed to the Rafters

Falling head over heels for Melissa (Zoe Ventoura) the first time he laid eyes on her, Packed to the Rafters began with Ben (Hugh Sheridan) going to the extreme to win her heart and declaring his love on national television. Sticking together through thick and thin, it seemed that their love could survive anything -- from drunken one-night stands to pre-marital jitters and the pressures of married life. But in an unexpected turn of events, the third season saw Mel meet an untimely death caused by a car accident which shattered the couple's future. Tugging at the heart strings of viewers all across Australia, the tear-jerking season finale had us weeping while Ben and family said their last goodbyes to Mel in a private funeral ceremony.

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Feb 12, 2012
My all time favorite aussie couple have to be Jodi and Matt/Rob from Mcleods daughters.
Feb 01, 2011
My all-time favourite Aussie tv couple have to be Dan and Erica from All Saints.

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