February 14, 2006 DVD Releases


Grey's Anatomy

Season One

When Grey's Anatomy hit the airwaves in March of 2005, many pooh-poohed the series as just one more in a long line of mediocre medical dramas. But those naysayers were soon proven wrong, as Grey's quickly became one of the most popular shows on TV. Narrated by surgical intern Meredith Grey, the show tells the story of the young doctor and her fellow residents as they struggle to come into their own as doctors while maintaining their identities outside of the hospital. Rather than relying on emergency-room stunts and mysterious ailments as a source of drama, Grey's Anatomy gives a depth to its characters that is rarely found in the genre. Their dreams, failures, and successes--as well as quite a few sexy encounters--are the stuff of truly great television.

With the arrival of this two-disc DVD release, you can follow the adventures of Meredith, Cristina, Izzy, George, and Alex from their very first TV moments. The first season of Grey's is comprised of nine hour-long episodes, including standouts like pilot "A Hard Day's Night," in which we meet Meredith and the other characters; "Shake Your Groove Thing," in which Meredith comes home after a very long day to find an immense party raging at the house she shares with George and Izzy, and season finale "Who's Zoomin' Who," in which an STD runs rampant through the hospital and a few shocking secrets are revealed. Don't forget to check out special features such as unaired scenes, audio commentaries, a couple of featurettes, and more.

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The Complete Third Season

Before Will Smith was one of the alien-hunting Men in Black, the world knew him as the sassy, street-smart Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Smith played a Philadelphia teenager who was sent to pick up some high-class manners from his wealthy cousins in Bel-Air. Of course, the Banks family had a thing or two to learn from their city-mouse relative as well, and thus was born one of the classic sitcoms of the early 1990s. With its truly memorable theme song and hilarious yet touching episodes, Fresh Prince is a piece of '90s nostalgia that will never go out of style.

This four-disc, 24-episode set sees patriarch Philip Banks making a run for Superior Court judge; his wife Vivian expecting a fourth child; ditzy Hilary scoring a job as a weather reporter; and Will himself preparing for his high school graduation and a very difficult college decision. Special features include a gag reel and a cast reunion.

Doctor Who

Season 1 (Canada Only)

Christopher Eccleston joins the long parade of actors to portray the great Doctor Who in this BBC remake of the original 1960s-'80s series. A modernized reimagining, the new series features tried-and-true Doctor Who concepts and characters alongside welcome innovations like the new TARDIS interior, snazzier outfits, snappier editing, and cool CGI effects. Billie Piper gives a rousing performance as Rose, the time-traveling doctor's latest sidekick and friend. This 13-episode season was the perfect opener for what will hopefully be a long and successful TV run--and since Doctor Who is headed for the American Sci-Fi Channel in March, fans on this side of the pond have more than a little to smile about!

This timely release, which must be ordered from Canada, includes extras like audio commentary from cast and crew; cast profiles; interviews; several featurettes; and a peek at holiday special "The Christmas Invasion."


Starburst Edition Volume 3.2

Farscape forges onward with this latest DVD release, covering episodes from the middle of the sci-fi hit's third season. Long-suffering astronaut John Crichton--who accidentally propelled himself through a wormhole and into the farthest reaches of space--is still aboard the living ship Moya, with its motley crew of alien ex-cons and growing list of enemies. This season saw one of the most fascinating plot twists in TV history, with the cloning of Crichton and the subsequent splitting of the story as it follows both the John who remains on the Moya and the John who leaves it for fellow spaceship Talyn. The cloning causes a host of new problems for John and his crew, not the least of which is one of the most unusual love triangles imaginable.

Three of the four discs in this set contain eight fascinating Farscape episodes; the last is devoted solely to special features! And special they are: You'll love audio commentaries by cast, writers, and directors; deleted scenes, the original Farscape TV promos; updated character histories; a production design gallery; and Cool Farscape Facts, a featurette by Paul Simpson, author of Farscape: The Illustrated Companion.

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The Pretender

Season Three

The Pretender is back, and you guessed it--he's donning more disguises than ever in this fascinating third season from NBC's late-'90s hit. Title character Jarod was once a pampered child genius, but was abducted from his home by The Center, a malevolent society who sought to exploit his unprecedented gift for mimicry. The Center sold Jarod's talents to the highest bidder, often letting him be used for truly evil purposes. Once grown, Jarod discovered the truth and fled...thereby sentencing himself to a life of subterfuge as he evades his enemies and searches for his family. As he travels, he attempts to right the wrongs he's done in the past by offering help to all those in need. Each episode sees Jarod take on a new identity, and each episode offers a new and thrilling adventure.

This four-disc set comprises all 21 episodes of The Pretender's third season, including the likes of "Someone to Trust," featuring guest star Julia Campbell as a lonely widow harboring a dark secret; "Flesh and Blood," in which Jarod strives to save the son of Sydney, an agent of The Center who was Jarod's only father figure during his captivity; and "Qallupilluit," in which Jarod takes an ill-fated trip to Alaska in search of his real dad. Special features are sparse, but some audio commentary is included.

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The Golden Girls

Season Four

Who would have thought that a sitcom focusing on a quartet of senior citizens could be a television hit for seven great seasons? The Golden Girls shook itself free of typical TV expectations to focus on Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia, four widows and divorcees who become roommates and find a way to get the most out of their golden years. Rose is a ditzy, naïve sweetheart; Blanche is a Southern belle with one thing on her mind; Dorothy is a cantankerous but brilliant woman looking for true love and looking after her mother Sophia, a crabby Sicilian with a weirdly appropriate story for every situation.

The Golden Girls' fourth season sees our heroines through such sticky situations as found in "Yes, We Have No Havanas," in which Blanche's latest boyfriend secretly woos Sophia; "Brother, Can You Spare That Jacket?," in which the Girls misplace a winning lottery ticket worth $10,000; and "Blind Date," in which Blanche is thoroughly charmed by a new man before discovering that he can't see. A special featurette highlights the top 10 guest stars from the season--including celebrities like Bob Hope, Julio Iglesias, and Quentin Tarantino.

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The Andy Griffith Show

The Complete Fifth Season

TV Guide once dubbed The Andy Griffith Show "one of the greatest television shows of all time." This DVD release gives you yet another reason to believe them: one more season of the classic sitcom, featuring Griffith as widowed Andy, father of charming little Opie and police force colleague of ever-suspicious Deputy Barney Fife. The lovable trio dwells in the quiet town of Mayberry, North Carolina--quiet, that is, until local drunk Otis gets to kissing the old bottle. Stern Aunt Bee adds equal measures of love and guidance to Andy and Opie's home; and boneheaded cousins Gomer and Goober Pyle bring comic relief to every episode.

The Andy Griffith Show's fifth season includes gems like "Man in the Middle," in which Andy gets terribly caught up in someone else's breakup; "Family Visit," in which a cadre of Aunt Bee's relatives pay a rather annoying visit to the Griffith household; and "Opie's Newspaper," in which Opie and his friends turn their neighborhood newsletter into a gossip column--with disastrous results. Travel back in time with The Andy Griffith Show to an era when TV was simple, wholesome, and truly funny.

Watch a clip from The Andy Griffith Show DVD here!

Living Single

The Complete First Season

If we still lived in a '90s kind of world, Boyz 2 Men would be everyone's favorite band; women's hair would still be cut in "The Rachel," and Fox sitcom Living Single would rule the airwaves. The series told the story of six African-American friends living in Brooklyn and looking for love. Bold Khadijah, editor of local rag Flavor, her daffy and naïve cousin Synclaire, an aspiring actress, and man-crazy, wig-sporting boutique buyer Regine all shared an apartment and a close camaraderie. The girls welcome frequent visits from Overton, a handyman with a crush on Synclaire; Kyle, a handsome ladies' man; and Maxine, a sharp-tongued attorney with equally hearty appetites for food and victory.

Living Single's first season established the characters' personalities and relationships--especially the undeniable attraction between Max and Kyle, who claim to hate each other but show real heat beneath their constant insults. Look for great episodes like "Whose Date Is It Anyway," in which Max and Regine try to help Synclaire find a man; "The Naked Truth," in which a quarrel at home causes Overton to move in with the girls; and cliff-hanging season finale "What's Next," in which Kyle and Max wake up to find that their worst nightmares--or wildest dreams--have been realized. Also included is How Ya Livin?, a retrospective featuring all-new interviews with the cast.


The Complete Second Season

Get ready for another thrilling season of Overhaulin', TLC's reality series in which an unsuspecting victim's junked-out old car is "stolen" by cohosts Adrienne Janic and Chris Jacobs...who bring the vehicle straight to automobile designer Chip Foose. Chip takes on one impossible job after another and constantly cranks out amazing results. Each car brought to his shop is given a complete rehabilitation--everything from a paint job and new brakes to the latest in audio and video technology. Once the cars are in tip-top shape, they're returned to the shocked and ecstatic owners.

Season two of Overhaulin' sees Chris and his team give the full treatment to the likes of baby-boomer Connie's lifelong ride, a '64 Corvette; Lance Armstrong's stock GTO; US soldier Frankie Jr.'s '66 Chevelle; and aspiring police officer Travis' ailing '63 Ford Falcon. No information on bonus features is available, but the first-season release included more than six hours of previously unaired footage, so you can probably expect something similar.

Charles in Charge

The Complete First Season

'80s heartthrob Scott Baio takes center stage in this classic sitcom as surname-free Charles, a college student who becomes a live-in babysitter, housekeeper, and companion to a busy family of five. Charles in Charge hit the airwaves in 1984, when 19-year-old Charles took a job watching the three Pembroke kids, Lila, Douglas, and Jason. Charles saw the Pembrokes through just one season's worth of family milestones and school-related crises before the show was put on hiatus--probably because the eerily similar Who's the Boss? had premiered the same year. Fortunately for Baio fans, the show returned in 1987, though the Pembrokes were unceremoniously replaced with a new family. This DVD release gives us a look at the original Charles in Charge, and fans who came late to the series should welcome a chance to see where it all began.

Rising stars like Meg Ryan, Matthew Perry, and Christina Applegate join Charles and the Pembrokes over the course of the 22 episodes included on this three-disc boxed set. Once you've laughed your way through each and every episode, you'll be happy to find a couple of great special features. Check out TV-flashback featurette The Great '80s, and enjoy the treat of a preview episode from the second season of Charles.

Watch a clip from the Charles in Charge DVD here!

Pamela Anderson

Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson: Uncensored!

On a hot August night in late 2005, Pamela Anderson became the first woman to be raked over the coals of a Comedy Central roast. The event boasted some of the crudest, lewdest, most vicious jibes ever aired on television--and that was only the edited version! Here, for the very first time, is the complete and uncensored show. Watch famously low-minded comics like Andy Dick, Sarah Silverman, Adam Carolla, and others rip America's pinup sweetheart to shreds, leaving nothing sacred in their quest for the ultimate laugh.

From countless references to Anderson's famously well-endowed beau, Tommy Lee, to jabs at her questionable career choices and actual groping of her famous figure, every minute of this classic roast is loaded with the inappropriate humor you crave. In addition, the producers have thrown in special features like exclusive rehearsal footage, red-carpet interviews, and uncut roast outtakes. Whether you're a friend, foe, or fan of Pamela Anderson, you'll certainly be thrilled to add this gem to your DVD collection--and add a few new jokes to your arsenal!

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