February 7, 2006 DVD Releases

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The Simpsons

Kiss & Tell

With Valentine's Day just one short week away, stores are filling up with teetering displays of candy, cards, and silly gifts packaged in obnoxiously pink paper and studded with red velvet bows. Whether you're coupled up or not, the saccharine atmosphere can get a little bit overwhelming, and it sure can be tough to get a dinner reservation. We recommend hiding out in your own personal love nest with four great stories about romance--Simpsons style.

Episodes included are "Natural Born Kissers," in which Homer and Marge spice up their marriage with a little exhibitionism; "Large Marge," in which Marge is accidentally given breast implants; "Three Gays of the Condo," in which Homer unwittingly moves into a flamboyantly gay neighborhood when he feels unwanted at home; and "The Way We Weren't," in which Homer and Marge share the story of their first kiss. This single-disc release comes with extras like a multi-action animated showcase and an "animatic."

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Teen Titans

The Complete First Season

A young Robin leads the Teen Titans gang in this animated series from the Cartoon Network. Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg are five teenage superheroes who live in the T-shaped Titan Tower and spend their days fighting the evil forces that constantly threaten Jump City. A winning combination of action, mystery, and dark humor, Teen Titans offered a different take on the classic DC Comics characters.

Though these episodes have already been released in two separate installments, this is your first chance to get them all in one complete season set. You get two discs, 13 episodes, and the following extras: featurettes Finding Their Voices and Comic Creations; a Puffy AmiYumi music video, interview, and a sneak peek at their cartoon show; hidden Easter eggs; and something called Toon Topia: The Hiro's Episodes 1 & 2.

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Sex and the City

Sex and the City Essentials: Breakups

Sex and the City Essentials: Lust

Sex and the City Essentials: Mr. Big

Sex and the City Essentials: Romance

For those of us who decided not to invest in the full-series Sex and the City DVD set, here's a chance to snag some of the show's very best moments in convenient three-episode releases. From the steamiest encounters to the sweetest situations and from tear-jerking goodbyes to enduring love, each of these single-disc sets is brimming with your favorite Sex memories.

Episodes included on the Breakups disc are "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," in which Carrie wonders how to tell Aidan that she's been seeing Mr. Big; "I Love a Charade," in which the four friends attend a wedding that inspires thoughts of exes and new prospects; and "The Post-It Always Sticks Twice," in which Charlotte prepares for her second marriage while Carrie reels after being dumped via a post-it note.

The Lust collection includes "The F**k Buddy," in which Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha all dabble in no-strings-attached relationships; "Running with Scissors," in which Carrie's reignited affair with Mr. Big wreaks havoc with the rest of her life; and "The Turtle and the Hare," in which Miranda shares some good news about her favorite new toy.

Mr. Big covers some of the key events in the Carrie/Mr. Big saga. Series pilot "Sex and the City" shows us how they meet for the first time; "Ex and the City" has Carrie attempting to be friends with Mr. Big, who's now her ex; and Carrie makes plans to see Mr. Big one last time before he moves away in "I Heart NY."

On the Romance DVD you'll find "Baby, Talk is Cheap," in which Carrie and Aidan forge a reconciliation; "Hop, Skip, and a Week," in which Carrie wrestles with an impending breakup while Charlotte's search for a new mate ends with a big surprise; and "An American Girl in Paris (Part Deux)," the series finale in which we say goodbye to each beloved character as she steps out of one era and into the next.

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Season One

Kris Furillo is 18 years old when she is released from a juvenile detention center and given one precious chance to start a new life for herself. Given a job on the Raintree Horse Farm, she must accustom herself to her newfound responsibilities and adjust to life with the Ritter family, whose once-successful ranch is in danger of failure. ABC Family's Wildfire follows Kris through a compelling journey of risk, competition, loyalty, and love.

In Wildfire's first season, Kris adjusts to farm life and gets to know the other teenagers on the ranch. As she struggles to accept her new way of life and break away from her old habits, she attracts the romantic attentions of more than one Ritter son. The new men in her life strive to be closer to her, and she balances them with an increasing attachment to the one horse that may be able to save Raintree.

This four-disc set includes all 13 episodes of Wildfire's first season, along with the following special features: audio commentaries with cast, producers, writers, and director; deleted scenes; cast bios; and featurettes titled The Horses of Wildfire and Building Raintree Ranch.

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Survivor: Pearl Islands

The Complete Season

Survivor, the show responsible for America's continuing reality-TV fever, spent its seventh season in the Pearl Islands, an archipelago off the coast of Panama. Known for their connection to the nefarious pirates that once dominated the surrounding waters, the chain of tiny islands was a temporary home to one of the best-loved casts in the series' history. In this season, players faced a game-altering twist when previously eliminated castaways were brought back to the island to form a third tribe. Nursing a vendetta against those who had voted them off, the outcasts played ruthlessly and helped create an atmosphere of intense competition and uncertainty.

Boasting memorable contestants such as self-proclaimed "scumbag" John "Johnny Fairplay" Dalton, lovable hair ball Rupert Boneham, and season champion Sandra Diaz-Twine, Survivor: Pearl Islands will be a welcome addition to your DVD shelf. Relive every thrilling risk and conniving betrayal, all leading up to Sandra's well-deserved victory. Though no special features have been announced, prior full-season Survivor releases have included extras like commentaries, featurettes, reunions, and more.

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The Batman

The Complete First Season

Season one of The Batman is finally available in one complete DVD set. This animated series from the WB tells the story of a young Bruce Wayne, who is just finding his footing as the powerful protector of Gotham City. As Bruce learns to balance his public life as a wealthy bachelor with his secret identity as a caped superhero, he encounters many exciting adventures and meets each member of the despicable Rogue Gallery for the very first time.

This two-disc set comprises all 13 episodes of The Batman's first thrilling season, along with several great bonus features. Featurette New Look, New Direction, New Night takes you on an exclusive trip behind the scenes; Detective Ellen Yin probes The Batman's real identity in Building the Batman; Gotham PD Case Files gives you a look at the profiles of some of The Batman's most formidable enemies; The Batman Junior Detective Challenge lets you test your own investigative skills and unlock a hidden DVD feature; a subsequent exam measures your skills and gives you a code to a printable Gotham detective badge, and The Batman Big Chill Challenge and Create Your Own Villain provide even more interactive fun.

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Grounded for Life

Season One

Sean and Claudia Finnerty were fresh out of high school when they started their family. Now--14 years and three kids later--they're still struggling to grow up. Precocious teen Lily, studious middle child Jimmy, and odd little Harry are a handful themselves--but Sean's strict, grumpy father and freeloading younger brother are always on hand to make matters worse. If you've been dying for a Grounded for Life fix since the series came to an untimely end in early 2005, you'll be happy to learn that the first season is finally available on DVD.

Included on this four-disc set are memorable episodes such as "I Wanna Be Suspended," in which Sean and Claudia inadvertently cause Jimmy to be suspended from school after bringing him to a Ramones concert instead of letting him work on his science project; "Like a Virgin," in which Lily becomes furious with her mother after Claudia announces her daughter's purity to a group of cheerleaders; "Jimmy's Got a Gun," in which Jimmy's grandfather gives him a BB gun for his birthday and hilarity ensues; and "Love Child," in which Lily is horrified to learn that she was born out of wedlock. Extras include audio commentaries, bloopers, season-one highlights, and interviews with cast and creators.

Growing Pains

The Complete First Season

All children of the '80s have soft spots in their hearts for Growing Pains, an ABC sitcom that told the story of the Seavers, a Long Island family of five. Psychiatrist dad Jason and journalist mom Maggie struggled to balance their respective careers with the responsibility of raising their brood. Eldest son Mike was a handsome, girl-crazy teen; daughter Carol was a straight-A student growing up in a competitive world; and young Ben did his best to follow in Mike's footsteps, but occasionally became the thorn in his brother's side. Baby Chrissy wasn't born until the fourth season, and troubled teen Luke didn't move in until the seventh.

This four-disc set comprises all 22 episodes from Growing Pains' first season, including gems like "Springsteen," "Carol's Crush," "Dirt Bike," and "Extra Lap." You'll love special features like scenes from the unaired pilot episode, a gag reel, and a featurette titled Seaver Family Reunion--S'mores and More.

The Lost World

Volume 01

Volume 02

A band of early-20th-century explorers set out for the jungles of South America, determined to find the Lost World, a fabled land free of the trappings of modern society. Though the intrepid travelers were thrilled to find that such a place did indeed exist, they soon found themselves trapped there with little hope of escape. Befriended by a mysterious young woman who had lived alone in the jungle since her childhood, the group confronted prehistoric beasts, strange humanoids, and other challenges while striving to find their way home. One intriguing adventure follows another in this thrilling adventure fantasy, and you're sure to be hooked in no time.

Each of these convenient single-disc releases includes five episodes from The Lost World's first spectacular season. Check out episodes like "Stranded," in which the entire group is sucked through a whirlpool into an area dominated by lizardlike men; "Cave of Fear," in which the voyagers encounter a dangerous hallucinogenic fungus; and "Time After Time," in which they discover a gateway that could bring them home, but realize that deadly enemies may follow them there.

Blue Collar TV

Season One, Volume Two

Inspired by the success of their Blue Collar Comedy Tour and subsequent film, funnymen Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry the Cable Guy brought their talents to the WB. Each episode of Blue Collar TV is built around a theme (think "The Human Body," "Funerals," and "Bad Jobs"), and begins with a short stand-up routine from Foxworthy. Hilarious sketches and pop-culture parodies follow, seasoned with the trio's down-home sensibilities and punctuated by visits from stars such as Christopher Knight, LeAnn Rimes, and Christie Brinkley.

This three-disc set brings you 18 episodes from the second half of Blue Collar TV's first season, including themes like "Testosterone," "Small Towns," and "Battle of the Sexes." No information on special features is available at this time, but the Volume One release included a featurette, a behind-the-scenes documentary, and a "redneck dictionary," so you can probably expect something similar.

The Electric Company

Best Of

Classic PBS series The Electric Company brought the world of basic grammar, phonetics, and arithmetic to children around the nation. With the use of clever vignettes, songs, comedy sketches, and more, the show brought learning and entertainment together in an irresistible blend. The cast featured the likes of Rita Moreno, Bill Cosby, Joan Rivers, Mel Blanc, Mel Brooks, and more, plus animated characters like Spider-Man and the Road Runner. If you grew up watching the series and are looking for some nostalgic fun, you'll be pleased to see that its oddball humor has withstood the test of time. If you're purchasing the DVD for your kids, you'll find that its teaching methods are as effective as ever--so get ready for a pack of little geniuses to infiltrate your home!

This DVD set brings you 20 classic episodes of The Electric Company, culled from the show's six unbelievably prolific seasons. The episodes are organized on four discs, each complete with several bonus features. Check out cast and creative team interviews; outtakes; new episode intros by Rita Moreno; a "Then and Now" featurette with Joan Ganz Cooney, founder of The Children's Television Workshop; show trivia; and a karaoke version of Tom Lehrer's famous "Silent E" song.

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