Felicia Day is Having a Eureka Moment

... Sci-fi queen and Joss Whedon favorite Felicia Day has been bouncing around from cool project to cool project, but has at last found a temporary place to call home. The Buffy the Vampire alum is joining SyFy's Eureka for 10 episodes next season. We don't know what she'll be doing on the show, but if she's her normal self, she'll be awesome. [The Live Feed]

... Community has poked fun at Goodfellas, Die Hard, The Breakfast Club and a host of other movies that are probably too old for most of you whippersnappers to remember. The show's next target will be the based-on-a-true-story space drama Apollo 13, creator Dan Harmon confirmed at Comic-Con. John Oliver (The Daily Show) will also take an expanded role next season, playing the gang's anthropology teacher after their original anthro teacher (Betty White) is booted from the school. [Hitfix, The Live Feed]

... The cast of Showtime's The Big C just keeps getting better and better. The dark comedy has added Liam Neeson (Qui-Gon Jinn, for you nerds) to the roster that already includes Laura Linney, Reid Scott, Oliver Platt, and Idris Elba. Neeson will guest star as a character named "Bee Man" who offers up alternative cancer treatments. But will he wear a bee suit and speak Spanish? [Zap2It]

... Glee is continuing its themed-show theme with a special tribute to The Rocky Horror Picture Show that will air sometime next season. This won't be a success unless we see Matthew Morrison in fishnets. [LA Times]

... Can anyone hold a candle to The Simpsons in terms of quality guest stars? Next season the show will add Halle Berry and Paul Rudd to the list of those who have visited Springfield. Berry will play herself in an episode where Homer and Bart win an Oscar, and Rudd will play a therapist who works with Homer to control his choking fixation (not of the auto-erotic variety). Jon Hamm and Jemaine and Bret from Flight of the Conchords are also scheduled to appear next season. [Digital Spy]

... Amanda Bynes retired from acting last month via Twitter and at the age of 24. Now she's Twittereeted that she has un-retired. Is this seriously happening? If this is the future of Hollywood—flighty actresses announcing career choices via text message—then I quit. [Access Hollywood]

... Two Buffy alum news items in one day!? It must be Comic-Con! James Marsters, Buffy's Spike, revealed that he would reprise his role as Brainiac on The CW's Smallville. He's also guest appearing as—what else?&3151;a villain on CBS' new Hawaii Five-0. [IGN]

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