Finales, premieres, launches and Logies!

Television is screaming for your attention next week. There are shows starting and ending left, right and centre. It will be hard to know where to look. So here's a bit of a heads up!

On Sunday night So You Think You Can Dance has its live, season finale. It's been another good year for the show, with fantastic dancing and (amazingly) almost no reality scandals. There was a slight hiccup when Penny had to bow out following an injury, but she is expected to make an appearance on Sunday. Good luck to Amy, Ben, Charlie and Talia!

Rove will follow with a live Sydney-based episode, including the Dance winner and an interview with Gretel Killeen (rumoured to be sporting a new hairdo).

On Monday night TEN keeps it coming with the launch of MasterChef Australia and the finale of The Biggest Loser. We're down to Sharif, Sammy, Tiffany and Cameron, but Bob and Nathan are also training on an island retreat. One will be eliminated on Sunday with another to go in the early edition of the show at 7pm on Monday. Nine will also premiere US drama Eleventh Hour with Rufus Sewell the same night.

On Tuesday night FOX8 unveils its own reality juggernaut, the fifth cycle of Australia's Next Top Model. This year it has a new host, former model Sarah Murdoch, and returns with Charlotte Dawson and Alex Perry. Jonathan Pease is also back as style director. Already the show is attracting media comment over judges' comments and one contestant who is said to have been asked to take anger counselling.

After last year's "bullying" accusations it feels like an auspicious start to the series. Murdoch adds a calming tone to the show, so hopefully her experience can prevent it from attracting more headlines.

On Wednesday Seven kicks off its new season of Thank God You're Here. The first episode features Merrick Watts, Cal Wilson, Rhys Darby and Colin Lane. There will be quite a bit of buzz over this one. With its blue doors and Shane Bourne back as ringmaster, viewers should expect the show to look almost identical, with just a little bit more glam from the Seven coffers.

As if that isn't enough Nine has Logies night and Underbelly II finale soon after, as TEN readies Merlin, Supernatural, Recruits, Numb3rs and Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation.

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Sep 11, 2009
i agree with you... eleventh hour is one of my fave shows too. they better bring it back..
Jun 10, 2009
CBS has canceled two of my favorite shows, Eleventh Hour & long time soap opera, Guiding Light. What's going on? Eleventh Hour was refreshing after all the csis'. I like some of the CSIs' but Eleventh Hour was new & had a different outlook. I hope cbs or another station brings it back!!! As for guiding Light, I have been watching this show for over 25 years. I'm am disappointed in CBS. It use to be my favorite TV station. Now I hope the station has a change of heart & brings these show back.

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