Finally, Lie to Me is Back!

I've sure missed Lie to Me over the past six months. I missed the Facial Action Coding System, I missed Cal Lightman's (Tim Roth) snappy asides, I missed his nonchalant chemistry with Foster (Kelli Williams), and I missed Loker's (Brendan Hines) adorable face. So, uh, I'm pretty glad the show is back. It's going to make summer TV a lot more watchable.

In the first ten episodes of Season 2, we saw Lightman smooth-talk his way out of a hostage situation, a bomb threat, and a battlefield, and last night's summer premiere added yet another thrilling element to the edge-of-your seat season. But in "Beat the Devil," he faced a different breed of adversary: One who could fool him. Psychopathic killer Martin Walker (Jason Dohring) challenged Lightman because he moonlighted as a normal person. As a psychology student of Lightman's former lover Helen Dezekis (Rowena King), Walker was familiar with Lightman's techniques—he'd learned them in Dezekis' class. As Dezekis' current lover, he was able to hide behind Lightman's long-standing trust in her. And as a student, his university protected him from unfounded accusations. Though Lightman eventually found a way to expose Walker's true identity as a murderer, the process wasn't without obstacles: It put Lightman in an uncomfortable position. It made him question his own scientific methods. Even Foster doubted him, because she didn't read Walker's face the same way Lightman had. It was fun to see Lightman save the day, but it was even more fun to watch him sweat a little. In an instance, he transitioned from a know-it-all to an everyman, and Tim Roth's performance made it all the more enjoyable to watch.

Speaking of Roth, he sure wasn't kidding when he told me that the show would soon address the chemistry between Lightman and Foster. They share a comfortable relationship, one that's fascinating to observe and very easy to root for. And while I'm nervous that shows like Bones and Castle could easily be ruined by the mishandling of their central relationships, Lie to Me doesn't seem like it will ever have that problem. The show has always put romance on the back burner, and I trust it will stay there, because detecting lies is just too dang interesting. If Lightman and Foster hook up, cool. If Loker and Torres (Monica Raymund) hook up, great. If everyone stays platonic, fine. Because as long there are more hilarious screen shots of corrupt politicians, I've got nothing to worry about.

What did you think of "Beat the Devil"? And are you okay with the show's move to summer, scheduling-wise?

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