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Find a Support Group: Go On Will Not Go On (Yes, That Means It's Canceled)

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NBC apparently has no sympathy for Ryan King and his dead wife, or for Sonia and her dead cats, or for Anne and her dead girlfriend. The network has canceled the Matthew Perry comedy Go On after one season, according to several reports. The news comes amid a flurry of NBC news; so far this week, the network has renewed Parks and Recreation, canceled several of Go On's fellow comedies, and picked up several new shows.

After a strong start helped out by a post-Olympics preview that drew more than 16 million viewers (!!!), Go On suffered a steady fade, losing viewers at every unfortunate opportunity, which included new competition from other networks (a drop from over nine million viewers to just under seven million) and winter break (a drop from just under seven million to just over four million). By the end of its run, it was drawing just over two-and-a-half million viewers and was squarely on the bubble. There was a logical speculation that NBC would move Go On to Thursday nights next season, but apparently the network is going in another direction.

I'm not sure why Go On didn't work. Doesn't Matthew Perry still have a place in viewers' hearts? Was the subject matter—a support group that copes with loss—too serious for a network comedy? Were the characters too quirky? I liked what Go On tried to accomplish, and many times the show looked like it could be the next great thing. I'll admit, I'm sad about this news. But like its struggling cast of characters, we'll just have to learn to move on.

At least Mr. K. (Brett Gelman) will live on in Eagleheart.

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