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First Look: Brian Austin Green as Smallville's Metallo

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The last time we saw Brian Austin Green, he was battling cyborgs on the canceled Fox show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Now he's doing a complete 180, and joining the ranks of the robots on The CW's Smallville.

The show has found a way to ease famous comic-book characters into its lore, and this season will be no different. Green will be added to the next cycle as the cyborg Metallo (pictured), one of Superman's enemies from his days as an Action Comics hero. What makes Metallo such a thorn in Superman's side? Well for one, he's powered by Kryptonite (exhibit A: that big green thing in Green's chest), which the Super dude is deathly allergic to.

On Smallville, Metallo will have an alter ego as John Corben, who just so happens to work as a journalist at The Daily Planet. How convenient! What's in the water in Smallville, anyway?

Prior to Green's booking on Smallville, he was pegged for One Tree Hill as the sports agent for hoops superstar Nathan Scott. That deal, however fell through. And before that, he was set to star in the CW show Body Politic, but when the drama about young politicos in Washington D.C. wasn't picked up, Green became a free agent.

It's currently unclear how many episodes Green will appear in this season of Smallville, but let's hope it's more than a few.

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