Five Dream Glee Guest Stars

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There's nothing on TV right now, and won't be until Christmas, so all we can do is look into the future and anxiously await the return of our favorite shows. Like Glee! Now, we know the back nine episodes are already written and guest stars (like Idina Menzel and Jonathon Groff) have already been lined up, but I was entertaining myself while bored this afternoon and thought: Who else would be a great guest star? You know, like, of those few actor who can actually sing. Or those singer who can actually act. Here are some of my ideas.


The Part: Streep can pretty much play anyone (even an old Jewish rabbi in Angels in America) convincingly, so really she could do anything on this show. But I think it would be neat to see her as an aging Broadway diva type who's passing through town on a third-rate national tour of some awful show and agrees to meet with the kids to give them some sage career advice. Of course, she ends up bumming everyone out more than she helps them.

The Song: Clearly, "I'm Still Here" from the musical Follies would fit here. Or maybe "Send In the Clowns"?


The Part: The strapping Aussie would be perfect as a smooth competitor for Emma's affections, giving Will a true run for his money. In the end he'd turn out to be either a) a vainglorious blowhard b) actually gay or c) both. Jackman can do comedy and drama with equal aplomb, so he'd be a perfect fit for this tart, bittersweet little show.

The Song: Oh, anything really. Jackman's got a big, rich voice that's perfect for thundering show-stoppers. But for the purposes of his plotline, I'm envisioning a little Tom Jones "Sex Bomb" action.


The Part: The Mamma Mia! and Big Love star showed plenty of comic chops in Mean Girls, so I'd love to see her as a manic bizarro-Rachel from another high school. You know, same unwieldy ambition, same nagging insecurities, but maybe just a bit more evil. Worse still? She totally smooched Finn a couple of summers ago when they were at singing camp (which we'll find out he went to at some point, I'm sure of it).

The Song: Well, it would be terrific to see Rachel sing Dolly Parton's "Jolene" about her nerdy rival, but Seyfried would need a song herself. So how about a sweet camp-memories song like Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby", sung to Finn just a little bit menacingly.


The Part: The crooner-turned-thespian could be an interesting and unexpected suitor for Sue Sylvester, wooing her with words and music while trying to sell her a used car. He's got a kind of smarmy charm that would acquit itself nicely in that kind of role.

The Song: It would need to be something romantic, but a little bit off. Maybe something like "Every Breath You Take", sung in full stalker mode.


The Part: The ultimate city gal could small-town it up as a depressed 7-11 manager who Will helps realize her full potential. Another romantic foil for the whole Wemma (like it?) love affair.

The Song: Hah, what about Tracy Chapmans's "Fast Car." There's a convenience store line right in there! If that's too much of a story song, maybe she could purr "You Don't Know Me" to an oblivious Will.

What do you think? Who's on your dream guest list? And what would they sing?

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