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Five Minutes with Castle's Nathan Fillion

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More like five minutes in heaven, amirite? Kidding! I chatted briefly with Castle’s Nathan Fillion this morning about Castle’s fabulous mother Martha (Susan Sullivan), Beckett’s (Stana Katic) still-hurt feelings, and the new man in Alexis’ (Molly Quinn) life, whom you’ll meet in Monday’s episode (“Punked”). Trust me, it's a good one! Castle seems to be asking Beckett for a lot of advice about Alexis. Why is he asking her instead of his ex-wife and current girlfriend, Gina?
Nathan Fillion: “I think one of the things that attracts Castle to Beckett is that she’s the polar opposite to who he is. She’s very grounded, she’s very realistic, and she’s a girl that grew up with, apparently, a lot of the same phases that Alexis is going through. [Beckett] is who he spends the most time with, as well. So he’s always around her when he’s hashing things over in his mind. He’s constantly asking, ‘What do I do? What do I do?’ which is what you do with your friends—you hash things out and get them out in the air.”

Beckett still seems hurt that Castle didn’t contact her over the summer. How long will it take for her to get over it?
“Hm, I wonder! That’s the kind of thing that might come back and bite you in the butt later on. You think someone’s over it—’Hey, I already said sorry for that!’—but they’re still mad. What Castle didn’t realize, in being trepidatious and being nervous about calling back—or maybe he was hoping he would get the call—he didn’t realize he had broken up with the entire precinct. And the entire precinct is kind of like a jilted ex-girlfriend who didn’t get the call. That’s the thing—you never know when it’s going to rear its ugly head!”

I really like Alexis’ new boyfriend! He’s adorable.
“Oh, he’s so good! At one point, he had me laughing so hard that I—it’s not often that I laugh on set when someone’s doing their job. You know, when someone makes a mistake, we’re all laughing at them, fine, but when someone is actually doing something to entertain, it’s not often that I laugh out loud when it’s my job not to be laughing. Ken [Baumann] had me laughing so hard that I really had to focus and bite my cheek. I was biting on my cheek when he was doing this particular bit, trying to leave the living room and trying to thread the needle past Alexis and Castle... and that moment, I stole it for a future episode, actually! I stole his technique."

I always expected Castle to be a “cool dad,” as far as Alexis’ love life was concerned, but he doesn’t seem to be. Why not?
“That’s what Castle wants to be. He wants to be the cool dad. He wants to be the dad who says ‘Oh, don’t worry about it! Take a chance! Take a risk! Have a drink! Experiment!’ But when it comes down to the reality of it, he is not the cool dad. He is every dad. He is, ‘What did I just catch you doing on the couch? Why are you here? Who are you? What are your intentions?’ He’s unprepared because he doesn’t have any male role models or father figures in his life. He doesn’t have anyone to sit down with him and say, ‘Here’s what’s going to happen and here’s some possible ways you can handle it.’ He’s only reacting from his gut. As much as he wants to be the cool dad, he is just a dad.”

Are you disappointed that neither Castle nor the audience got to meet Chet, Martha’s late ex-boyfriend?
“Am I disappointed? You know what, if you were to put a stopwatch on the amount of time that [Susan Sullivan] spends on-screen on Castle, you might think it’s a short amount of time. But what I like about what Susan does is that she comes blowing in and blowing out, like you’re just catching a snippet of a crazed life. She’s always moving, always doing something. She’s not bored, she’s not sitting on her butt. She’s always active, and she’s very busy. She’s got a varied lifestyle. I like that we get that sense of ‘you don’t know,’ because it’s her life that she’s experiencing. We don’t have a piece of that. We only get the piece when she comes around Castle.”

Castle airs on Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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