Five Reasons to DVR Mr. Show Tonight

I'm not going to lie to you, this job has its perks. Watching television "for work," getting hit on by celebrities (sorry Laura Vandervoort, I'm taken), and forcing my ill-formed opinions on the masses are indeed awesome, but this article is the reason I steered my career path towards TV journalism. Today I spent a few hours watching Mr. Show skits online... for my job.

Mr. Show is a sketch series that ran from 1995 to 1998 on HBO and was created by David Cross (Arrested Development) and Bob Odenkirk (Breaking Bad). I have no problem declaring it my favorite sketch-comedy show of all time; it's head and shoulders above the rest. Cross and Odenkirk used unique transitions to blur the beginnings and ends of witty sketches, creating a half-hour of comedy that holds you in place.

IFC is re-airing Mr. Show beginning tonight (and every Friday night at 11pm), and you'd be doing yourself a favor if you DVR'd it to watch later this weekend. Here are five of my favorite sketches, in order to convince you to do so.

"The Audition"
Yes, that's Community's Starburns.

"The Pre-Taped Call-in Show"
Keep an eye on David's hairpieces.

Don't look at the screenshot! Just close your eyes and press play!

"The Fairsley Difference"
One of the show's many hilarious advertisement parodies.

"The Teardrop Awards"
Is this best song about oral herpes ever, or what?

Mr. Show airs Friday nights on IFC at 11pm ET.

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The Audition was funny. Not the rest, but maybe I don´t have this kind of sense of humor.
I agree, new content is needed. ... and why the commercial breaks during this AND Larry Sanders that weren't done during Jon Dore's show, a show that actually HAD ad breaks.

I think Human Giant surpassed this, some of it seems timebound. Love Odenkirk. Cross goes out of his way to be annoyingly self-important.
The American "Monty Python," plain and simple. Every episode in the first three seasons ranges from excellent to brilliant.
I've seen Mr. Show on IFC for the past few weeks...and still have no interest in re-watching it. New content please IFC!
Mr. Show was hilarious, my favorite sketch (I think it was a recurring gag throughout the entire episode, really) was one where they decide to send a letter to a teacher they had in order to show that they had managed to make money as actors, despite the teacher telling them they wouldn't be able to do so. And at the end of the episode the teacher shows them just how simple acting is by just yelling really loudly what he supposedly is doing. ("I YELL THE LOUDEST SO I AM THE KING" and so on.) Some details could be off seeing as it's been a while since I saw it.

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