Five Reasons to Keep Watching The Hills

The Hills is starting it's fifth season tonight on MTV, and it's undergone a few major changes. Some die-hard fans of the show are prepared to give up, now that the show's queen bee, Lauren Conrad has departed to work on her book series and clothing line. But we're sticking with it. This season of The Hillshas the potential to be one of the best ever, and if you're looking for a few reasons to tune in, we've put together a list to explain why you most definitely should.

1) Kristin Cavallari Is BACK!

For anyone who got started on The Hills because of its connection to Laguna Beach, there's no need to elaborate why the addition of Kristin Cavallari is so exciting. But just in case: Cavallari is one of the best characters in the history of reality television. Between her Valley girl drawl and penchant for attracting and then dismissing drama with the flip of her hair, she's always been one to watch. While she was unfavorably portrayed on the first show, she always delivers the goods -- even if that means making out with the guy her best friend has a crush on, leading on any boy that looked her way, or dishing advice to her misguided girlfriends. Now, with Audrina's ex-boyfriend Justin Bobby setting his sights on Kristin, the drama is bound to be great -- except this time it will be booze-fueled and backed with the ego of a woman who was once a sought-after up-and-coming actress. If you thought Cavallari was amazing to watch as a high schooler, one can only imagine how great she'll be now that she's an adult living in Hollywood.

2) Heidi and Spencer Are Now Legally Married

Last season's finale was a two-part wedding extravaganza for the couple most commonly known as Speidi. Audiences have watched this relationship develop for several years now, and it was quite a bumpy ride for the infamous couple. The two have one of the most socially irresponsible relationships ever portrayed on television, and now that they're married (after a failed attempt at a first exchange of vows in Mexico), the train wreck will only continue. You see, Spencer seems to have brainwashed the once spunky and free-spirited Heidi into becoming a banal, Stepfordized Barbie doll. The two teamed up to take down Lauren over a sex tape featuring her and ex-boyfriend Jason Whaler that apparently never existed, they constantly battle to control each other, and they are as fun to watch as a cheesy horror flick. What crazy form the two will take now that they are officially husband and wife AND manager and employee, since Spencer is also responsible for Heidi's struggling singing career?

3) Stephanie Pratt Has a New Nose

Although it hasn't been officially acknowledged by Miss Pratt herself, Spencer's little sis got some work done during the hiatus that may step her game up this season. Always the awkward little sister and hanger-on, Stephanie will bring a new level of fame after having been named Most Fun Character to Watch by viewers at the end of last season. Her new swagger may translate into a major ego problem now that she's finally in the mix.

4) Brody Jenner Is Still Dating that Playmate, And the Two Were Very Naughty Over the Break

Bruce Jenner's son gained a lot of attention because of his gallivanting during the last four seasons. While he started out as a love interest for Lauren, new viewers may not realize that he once dated her arch-rival from her Laguna Beach years... Kristin Cavallari! Full circle, right? Now that Kristen is back, one person who won't welcome her with open arms is Brody's girlfriend, 2008 Playmate of the Year, Jayde Nicole. Not only does Jayde have a passion for throwing down on screen -- you may have seen her bitching-out Audrina after she and Brody hooked up in Hawaii last year -- but off-screen her behavior is equally questionable. At the end of the summer, Jayde picked a fight with Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis that left Jayde with visible bruises. Between the real-life drama that this couple attracts, and the obviously uncomfortable link between Jenner and his ex-girlfriend Kristen, it's only a matter of time before Jayde turns into a green-eyed monster and attempts to steal the spotlight.

5) It's Audrina's Last Season

Lazy-eyed brunette Audrina Patridge has been a part of The Hills since its inception, first as Lauren and Heidi's neighbor, then as Lauren's roommate, then Lauren's back house tenant. She's used the fame she's gained from The Hills to jump-start her own acting career. While patiently waiting for the show to run it's course, she's made a couple flicks, most notably Sorority Row, and is finally ready to bid adieu to the program after this season. Audrina has always avoided major drama, but often finds herself in the middle of sticky situations created by the people around her. However, with this season being her last, and with MTV producers nudging her ex, Justin Bobby, together with Kristin, it's unlikely that Audrina will peace-out on the show without throwing a punch or two. Whether she decides to take down JB or Kristen remains to be seen, but with gossip-mongers like Stephanie and Conrad's bestie Lo Bosworth around, it's likely she will hear a lot of second-hand information about their love affair. There may be no better way for her to cap off an uneventful Hills career than by having an unbridled freak-out on a few co-stars.

The Hills airs on Tuesdays at 10pm on MTV

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