Five Reasons: Worst Week

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"Dick, be careful! Sam's urine!"--Angela Clayton, Worst Week

Everyone knows that guy who just can't seem to get anything right. He has a hot girlfriend that he probably doesn't deserve and makes an ass out of himself whenever he's around her parents (who he is trying to impress). He's likable enough, but just seems to be cursed with misfortune. Yes, you know that person, and his name is Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents.

That's the basic premise of the first episode of CBS's new comedy Worst Week. New face Kyle Bornheimer stars as Sam, the Ben Stiller in this slapstick comedy who tries to break the news that he's getting married to his girlfriend to her parents.

Full of sight gags, gross-out humor, and plenty of "bull in a china shop" scenarios, Worst Week premieres tonight. But is it good fun or just the worst and weak? We give you five reasons why you should and shouldn't watch Worst Week.

Five reasons you should watch Worst Week

1. Kyle Bornheimer
The newcomer certainly does his best as the goofy Sam, and he fits the profile well: likable, a good knack for comedic timing, and a general feeling of misfortune. Somehow, we're almost convinced that these things could actually happen to him.

2. You liked Meet the Parents
With its mix of sophomoric humor and even more sophomoric humor, Meet the Parents killed at the box office. If that many people liked the two-hour movie, then that many people can like the 30-minute television series.

3. Kurtwood Smith and Nancy Lenehan
As said parents, Smith and Lenehan (the quintessential TV mom) are perfectly cast as the stern parents no one wants to cross. Can anyone do the disapproving father role better than Smith (That '70s Show's Red Forman)? Answer: no. Extra info: Smith's character is named Dick. Chances of that being part of a joke in a future episode: 1,000,000 percent.

4. It's different
Slapstick is all over the movies, but it's pretty rare on television. Worst Week fills that void in spades. Who doesn't love a good pee-pee joke? (Well me, but I'm in the minority.)

5. Special guest star: Aziz Ansari
Human Giant's Ansari makes an appearance in the pilot as a queasy mortician, and in our opinion, provides the best laughs of the episode.

Five reasons you shouldn't watch Worst Week

1. Heroes is on
Prison Break is also on. So is One Tree Hill. And Sci Fi Channel is showing Lost reruns. OK, pretty much just the Heroes premiere and Prison Break. It's a poor draw for Worst Week to go up against some big names, but the show still may manage some eyeballs with its Two and a Half Men lead in. But seriously, you'll probably be watching Heroes, Prison Break, or the San Diego Chargers kicking in the teeth of the New York Jets on Monday Night Football.

2. You hated Meet the Parents
With its mix of sophomoric humor and even more sophomoric humor, Meet the Parents killed at the box office even though it actually wasn't that funny--truly an Idiocracy moment. We don't know how that many people liked the two-hour movie, or how people can like it as a 30-minute television series.

3. Characters are just props
The beautiful Erinn Hayes is wasted as wife-to-be Mel. There's no real indication to why she's still with a bumbling buffoon, except for being the catalyst for "oh no here we go again" jokes that Worst Week's writers need.

4. The old misunderstanding joke device
Worst Week relies too heavily on that tired, lazy, and unfunny misunderstanding between two characters. You know, when one character is seen doing something that is taken the wrong way and another character blows up at them and the first character doesn't get a chance to explain instead saying, "but wait, you don't understand, I was just trying to..." and that further enflames the second character. Yeah, it has a lot of that.

5. It just ends
After a series of mishaps, the show pretty much just fades to black. And not in a cliff-hanger "wait until you see next week" type of way. It just rolls to resolution. (Disclaimer: watched the preview screener version, so the finalized version could be a bit patched up.)

Worst Week premieres tonight at 9:30 p.m. after Two and a Half Men on CBS. Have a look and leave your opinions in the comments section below!

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LOVE this series. I have paid 2.99 per episode to watch it (and I now hear the DVD of Season 1 is coming out.) I've already spent almost $50. Three more episodes to go. So worth it. Funniest thing I've seen in years.
Not exactly a ringing endorsement. In fact, it sounds like more dumbing down of network TV. Actually, its makes me long for a sitcom that could do slapstick comedy and intelligent humor(at the same time, wow, who wouldve thought!) like Frasier. I think its fair to say that Ill be skipping this show.
I loved this show. It was so funny and you just kept wondering how things could go so wrong so many times. I love the characters I think that they do a great job of trying to show a family image. I don't like heroes or prison break so I hope that this show keeps going
Your heroes is on comment... Worst week beat both Heroes and Prision Break lol.

I loved the show. It was so funny.
I thought the show was funny but it would probably get old quickly unless they change it up some.
Now here's one writer who's got enough proof written down to show that he gets paid heavily to write lies. What's amazing is that the writer no where credits the original series "The worst week of my life", the famous BBC comedy. Instead, he compares it to a movie. That's weird!
Anyways, the first episode was such a bad one, nothing at all in it. The only was this show is going to survive is if they come up with their own story, because no one, who has seen the original is going to laugh at this lousy imitation.
I must be starved for a good laugh because I loved it!! I don't see how they can pull it off every week but I loved the pilot. We need some NEW comedy. Two and a Half Men has milked the comedy teat as much as it can. How many condom and boob jokes does it take for YOU to change the channel. Charlie WAS good looking but now he just looks old and clueless.
Hmmm. Average. Have to agree with Tim here. Watched the first ep but didn't see enough to come back.

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