Five Truly Original TV-Themed Comic-Con Costumes

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Comic-Con, with its complete and utterly un-ironic embrace of non-Halloween costumes, is the chance to let your freak flag fly. There is something uniquely embarrassing, though, about a flag that bears a freaky resemblance to another flag. Avoid the predictable costume route (read: characters from True Blood) and go with one of these off-kilter TV-themed suggestions:

Caterer from Party Down

What you need: White shirt, pink bow tie, healthy sense of entitlement
The key to pulling it off: Carry around a tray with edible appetizers—like, real ones. It may sound like a hassle, but when late-night munches roll around and you’re the king/queen of the bar, you’ll thank me. Bonus: You can ask passersby, “So when you masturbate, how much… stuff comes out?”

Andy from Parks & Recreation

What you need: Shoe-shining implements, a dirty apron, a healthy amount of scruff; you could also break both your legs and hang out in a kiddie pool (just an option)
The key to pulling it off: Hand out Mouse Rat flyers promoting a gig that night, then actually play said gig, complete with encore and the promise of another gig to come.

The killer twins from Breaking Bad

What you need: Tailored suit, expertly groomed facial hair, someone who looks exactly like you or at least bears a close resemblance when you shave your heads because you are totally committed to this thing even if it’s only a few days long
The key to pulling it off: Say nothing, yet don’t take no guff from nobody.

Fiona from Burn Notice

What you need: Party dress, hidden pistol, sunglasses that are 100,000 times the size of your face
The key to pulling it off: Have witty retorts at the ready for any occasion. And if anyone mentions yogurt, shudder.

Sweet Dee or Charlie from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

What you need: Ratty T-shirt/army jacket, lots of mascara/lots of bed head, facial tics/facial tics
The key to pulling it off: Drink constantly but don’t sleep for weeks—or eat a bunch of catfood really quickly until you pass out.

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