FlashForward is Given a Get-Well Break

Those of you who managed to stick around through the end of Thursday's improbable episode of FlashForward saw a promo declaring that the show will return in March. This was news to fans, because as far as they'd been told, FlashForward was set to return in January.

Which mean's last night's installment, "A561984," was the last new one we'll see until March 4. ABC says it wants to keep the show away from the Winter Olympics and run the series straight through without any repeats. But let's be honest here: While FlashForward looked like a possible next-big-thing when it debuted, ABC must be heartbroken over its recent numbers. Last night's episode drew just a 2.2 rating in adults, a series low. By comparison, the series premiered with a 4.1 rating (which has declined ever since).

The scheduling move also brings up another thing: April 29, 2010 is very important to the show's story (it's the day everyone supposedly saw in their flashforwards), and producers were set to make the April 29 episode a doozy. But will that episode be pushed back now, or will the story be shoehorned to fit? Another problem: ABC has picked up the show for 25 episodes (oops!), but a March 4 return means the season finale of a 25-episode order would fall in the second week of June. I don't see that happening; I'm guessing an order reduction will be made if FlashForward makes it that far.

Because "A561984" did nothing to restore my faith in show. In fact, it included some of the most ridiculous moments of the series thus far. First, finding a Persian woman in Hong Kong—with no leads other than a recording of her voice—is not as simple as stepping into the first Persian restaurant one sees. That's insulting. Second, when that guy from Coupling (the British version) reveals he may have caused the blackout at a press conference full of professionals, a woman in the audience—presumably a reporter—grabs a security guard's gun, screams, "You killed my family," and fires shots at the podium. Can someone please tell me where that load of B.S. came from? Maybe she works for The Daily Lunatic—I don't know. Third, dialogue. In a ridiculous line related to my first point of contention, Joe Fiennes (who continues to show up on set just for a paycheck) says, "Persian woman, Persian food. Yahtzee!"

Funny, I was thinking Sorry!.

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