FlashForward Sees Its Future, and It's Good

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It looks like we may see how this worldwide blackout pans out after all. ABC has opted to give FlashForward a full-season order just three episodes into its young life. The decision gives the series a 22-episode debut season and is ABC's fourth full-season pickup this season, joining its trio of Wednesday night comedies.

The news is great for ABC, which is enjoying one of its better years of late. After a few middling seasons, ratings are up for the network, due in large part to the early success of Modern Family and FlashForward and a return to form (ratings wise) for Grey's Anatomy. The FlashForward pickup is especially telling, considering how the show is performing against the cutthroat competition on Thursday nights. As The Hollywood Reporter points out, FlashForward is the first scripted show to outperform CBS' Survivor in the Thursday at 8 pm timeslot since Friends.

FlashForward, about a worldwide blackout in which people see visions of their lives six months into the future, is a possible tentpole program for ABC (though it isn't without its flaws). The potential is there for a long-running series, as producers have said that their vision spans at least a few seasons' worth material, and frankly, we want to see how this whole blackout thing pans out.

What do you think? Will FlashForward stick around for good? Or will it be another The Nine?

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