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Australia's history has been fraught with war, in part defining the country we live in today.

A new documentary series, In Their Footsteps, will chronicle the wartime experiences of Australian soldiers, from the perspective of their descendants.

Many Australians have family members who have been affected by war, from World War I and II to East Timor, Afghanistan and Iran. Those who have passed away often haven't been able to share their stories, causing them to be lost forever.

Produced by Shine Australia, In Their Footsteps will provide relatives with the chance to trace their ancestors' journeys, discovering the places they saw and what they experienced.

Currently looking for people to take part in the series, "outgoing and articulate Australians who want to know more about the triumphs and tragedies encountered by members of their families during a century of conflict" are encouraged to apply.

For more details and to see if you meet the criteria, visit

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