Food Network names new programming head

Waiter, Food Network will have what he's having.

Food Network has named Bruce Seidel as its new senior vice president of program planning and special productions. Seidel has been in the Food programming department since 1998.

During his time at Food, Seidel sheperded Iron Chef America, the US version of the popular Japanese series pitting famous chefs against each other in a timed competition. Seidel also helped bring to the screen The Next Food Network Star, the hit reality series involving a nationwide hunt for a new Food Network host.

Star was won by Guy Fieri, who now hosts the series Guy's Big Bite on the network.

Food Network is home to ever-popular Rachael Ray, host of $40 a Day, Inside Dish, 30-Minute Meals, and Tasty Travels.

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How could Bruce Seidel let the December 12, 2011 issue of THE STAR stand? When I saw the cover with Guy Fieri above the headline "Celebrity Chef scandals -Booze, Babes & Murder!" I bought it to find out what was going on with one of my favorite Food Network hosts. It was total Bulls**t. Plus the headline had nothing to do with Guy - - the "gay" reference, what does that mean? Come on, Guy would not last a minute if he was that type of person. Rachael Ray - - come on, putting on a show is a streSS, "can't stand the heat, get out of Rachael Ray's kitchen!" Bobby Flay, The Star has been watching too much ENTOURAGE, I have seen Bobby's wife, give me a break! Bruce, I expect you to do something to protect your franchise players. Half the time when I have trouble sleeping I watch Guy DDD to settle me down and let me go to sleep with a smile. Food Network is the best channel on cable, do not let THE STAR off easy - - fry them with your secret ingredient!

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