Forbidden Love: Five TV Hook-ups That Left Fans Fuming

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Earlier this week, Chuck got fans all fired up when both Chuck and Sarah—the couple all of fandom is rooting for—moved on to other love interests. Chuck was seen locking lips with Hannah (Kristin Kreuk), while Sarah accepted a more-than-friendly massage from Agent Shaw (Brandon Routh). Most fans are working through their heartbreak by repeating a mantra of patience and convincing themselves that Chuck and Sarah are meant to be together—and will be when the time is right. Some, however, are not as forgiving.

In an anonymous comment posted on Alan Sepinwall’s review of the episode, one fan actually called for a boycott of the show. This, of course, is a terrible idea—boycotting Chuck will only ensure its cancellation. We were reminded, however, of other instances in which TV shows suffered fan outrage after breaking up a relationship. Here are five shows whose character breakups inspired rage among fans devoted to keeping their OTP (One True Pairing) together—by any means necessary.

Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Sinking Ship: Joss Whedon kills off Tara and, to some fans, becomes a homophobe
Always a fan of the surprise deaths, Joss Whedon got his fair share of flak when he killed off Willow’s girlfriend Tara. But the real shock came when angry fans labeled their beloved Joss a homophobe. Although Willow and Tara had maintained a (mostly) happy relationship for two seasons, killing Tara and ending the ship was enough to get fans finger-pointing. Ironically, Whedon’s decision to give Willow a new girlfriend in Season 7 only increased the backlash.

Show: Smallville
Sinking Ship: Even Hitler wants Clark and Chloe together
Surely Smallville fans know that Clark Kent ends up with Lois Lane; it’s an essential aspect of the Superman story. And yet, hardcore Clark/Chloe (“Chlark”) shippers have engaged in fervent battle with the Clark/Lois (Clois) fans throughout the past several seasons. In this parody video, Hitler reacts to Season 9’s reduction of Chloe’s role to make room for Clois. (Not really, of course. If you speak German, just read the subtitles.)

Show: Supernatural
Sinking Ship: The lead actors dare to find real-life love with people other than one another
For some Supernatural fans, shipping extends to the actors involved with the show. That’s right: They take the “b” out of the Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles bromance. Far be it from us to judge, but things got out of hand when both leads got engaged. Ackles’ fiancée Danneel Harris got hate-spammed on Twitter, but neither actor was safe: According to some especially crazed fans, Padalecki and Ackles just won’t be happy until they admit their true feelings for each other.

Show: Veronica Mars
Sinking Ship: Logan’s new squeeze gets shipped off without a goodbye
One of the first shows to really respond to fandom, Veronica Mars frequently used easter eggs to let fans know the writers were paying attention. And while diehard devotees kept watching long after the series went off-track—come on, you know it did—they took objection to Logan’s new girlfriend, Hannah. She was bland and, most importantly, not Veronica. Did writers respond to those complaints by getting rid of Hannah? It’s unclear. But she did have one of the hastiest departures in TV history.

Show: Roswell
Sinking Ship: Emilie de Ravin almost gets deported back to Australia
OK, it never actually came to that, but believe it or not, Max/Liz fans (“Dreamers”) were so incensed by the Max/Tess pairing that they began a petition to get Australian actor Emilie de Ravin (Tess) deported. Thankfully, nothing ever came of this misguided and rather heartless campaign. By the end of the series, the Dreamers got the wedding they’d hoped for all along. And while Tess didn’t make it out of Roswell alive, de Ravin has found even bigger success on Lost—with her Australian accent, no less.

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