Former Wheel of Fortune Contestants Shocked to Learn of Regis What’s-His-Name’s Retirement

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It was with great sadness that we learned this morning of Regis Philbin’s passing (relax, there’s more) of the LIVE! torch to an as-yet unnamed successor. Yes, after 28 years of trading banalities with perky co-hostesses and celebrities alike, the easily befuddled king of daytime talk announced that he will hang up his hat for good this September.

Farewell, fair Reeg. May retirement bring you everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Or maybe you’re just freeing up the schedule for your next gig, hosting the all-new fifth hour of The Today Show. It’ll be just like old times! Quit bogarting the Zin, Kathie Lee.

To illustrate just how much Regis has become part of our cultural fabric, here’s a clip from a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune. Watch as three members of our armed forces battle to be the first to identify American broadcasting treasure Regis Philman. Philburn? Philkin. Philgin? Anyway, you know who they mean.

Will you watch a Regis-less LIVE!? Do you even watch it now?

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