Four Companies Named for Next Round of Undercover Bossing

... CBS' Undercover Boss has revealed four companies that will participate in the second season of the reality smash. NASCAR, DirecTV, Chiquita, and Great Wolf Resorts will all send CEOs and other higher-ups into the trenches with their minimum-wage lackeys to see what really goes on at the entry level. There will be an eye-opening negative experience for the CEO, and a heart-warming employee that's rewarded with some kind of gift. Just like in every episode. [CBS via press release]

... Survivor has announced its next competition gimmick: Survivor: Nicaragua will divide things up by age, with the Espada Tribe made up of competitors over the age of 40 and the La Flor Tribe all at or under the age of 30. I'm guessing the La Flor Tribe will have a serious advantage during the Get a Computer on the Internet challenge. [CBS via press release]

... The latest rumored replacement for Simon Cowell as a judge on American Idol is Jessica Simpson. Let's see a show of hands out there of those who care? Nobody? Okay, let's move on then. []

... Billy Baldwin (or William Baldwin, as our automatic-name-recognition-link-building software calls him) is joining the cast of NBC's Parenthood as Adam's (Peter Krause) boss and a potential love interest for Sarah (Lauren Graham). Who is your favorite Baldwin brother? Mine is none of them. [EW]

... Desperate Housewives showrunner Marc Cherry has hinted that he might leave the show after next season and hand the keys over to another person, a 180 from what he said just a few seasons ago. Cherry is currently writing a new pilot for ABC and wants to work on that show through the end of his contract with the network. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Battlestar Galactica badass William Adama (played by Edward James Olmos in the series) will be getting his own Web-based series. Blood and Chrome, a collection of 10 or so 10-minute shorts, will chronicle Bill's early years as a soldier in the Cylon War when the Cylons were just surly microwaves that burned microwavable burritos. DAMN YOU, CYLONS! [Chicago Tribune]

... Eric Christian Olsen (who is awesome, by the way) has been promoted to regular on NCIS: LA. This is great news for Olsen's wallet, and horrible news for everything else. Olsen is hilarrrrrrrrious. NCIS: LA is also hilarious, but in a totally unintentional way. Let's hope this doesn't mean that Olsen will have to give up his role as the hippie tree-f***er Vaughn on NBC's Community. [EW]

... GLAAD criticized CBS for not being gay enough, so CBS did the obvious thing and decided it will gay things up. CBS president Nina Tassler said the network will be adding gay characters to $#*! My Dad Says, Rules of Engagement, and The Good Wife. But not CSI, because you apparently gots to be a REAL man to do dat shiznit! (Uh, hello? Omar from The Wire did JUST FINE.) [The Live Feed]

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