Fox Bumps Touch to January, Replaces It with a Screaming Chef

It's time to make an adjustment to your Touch Premiere Party Evite, because Fox just tinkered with its schedule aaaaaa-gain. The second season of Touch, originally on the calendar for October 26, will now come in as a midseason entry in January.

Kitchen Nightmares will replace Touch starting October 26 at 8pm. The reality show was previously scheduled for late September, but was bumped back to an unspecified date in favor of The X Factor reruns. Basically Fox is just throwing things around because it doesn't know what to do with itself.

But why move Touch back and why now? I'll take a stab at answering that! Fox has a bit of a drama problem, with only The Following in the stables ready to go for early 2013. With Fringe ending in February and The Mob Doctor looking like the season's first cancellation, that's two vacancies in the network's midseason schedule. I'm thinking Fox might bring Touch back early and cram it into the cavity left by The Mob Doctor to give Mondays an extra boost. I give The Mob Doctor one more week before it's quietly dragged into the corner and bludgeoned to death, after which a lot of Fox programming will be preempted by baseball playoffs. That means Touch could get moved to Mondays in November after the A's win the World Series, but that's just a guess.

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