Fox Cancels Hieroglyph Before It Even Airs

The miniseries was supposed to save major networks. But what if the miniseries turns out to be the networks' worst enemy!? DUN-DUN!!!

Fox has deciphered the writing on the wall and decided to cancel Hieroglyph, an ambitious Ancient Egypt-set miniseries featuring elaborate headwear that must have cost a fortune, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The network gave the project a straight-to-series order back in October, asking for 13 episodes without seeing a single filmed frame, and Hieroglyph was part of Fox's Upfronts presentation in May. The decision to yank the series involved creative reasons, which is usually a kind way of saying, "It looked like it was going to suck." 

The first episode of the miniseries had already been shot, and writers were busy breaking the rest of the stories. Filming would have started on the remaining episodes later this year with a target debut date of early 2015.

Hieroglyph was supposed to follow a thief who was forced into servitude of the Pharaoh. The popularity of Game of Thrones probably had something to do with its tone, as the series featured "palace intrigue," seductive concubines, and magic. 

The straight-to-series miniseries order has been pretty hot as networks try to keep pace with cable, but as we can see here, sometimes it just doesn't work out. Or maybe Fox took a look at the trailer and was like, "Was I drunk when I greenlit this?" 

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