Fox Gets Into the Werewolf Game

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...While MTV works on their "serious" TV series version of Teen Wolf (this is actually happening), Fox is developing its own lycan show, called Howl. As you can tell by the title, this show will be about a weary beat poet who sees the best minds of his generation destroyed by madness. Particularly, the madness of becoming a werewolf every full moon. No, kidding. It's actually about two warring Alaskan families who are all werewolves. How much you want to bet there's gonna be a little Romeo & Juliet action going on? The only trouble with that? How do you make she-werewolves sexy? Maybe you don't. Maybe you just don't. [Variety]

...The wonderful Joey Lauren Adams has joined the cast of that Nashville series Tough Trade, which is to air on some channel called Epix. Epix sort of sounds like a cereal, doesn't it? I guess I'm thinking about Crispix. But I'd eat something called Epix. I really would. [THR]

...Oh this is sort of sad. Smart, funny actor/comedian Kevin Pollak is stooping to host that Fox gameshow Our Little Genius. This is the Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader-esque thing about smug kids that's replacing Glee, which is about smug kids, yes, but smug kids we actually like, for a few months. One hopes Pollak will do the gig with tongue firmily in cheek. I wonder why he's doing it. Kids going to college? New summerhouse? Gambling debt? [Variety]

...Ew. Apparently Mark Wahlberg recently hinted that there could be an Entourage movie. Yes, because after the two more seasons or so of the show, the plotlines are going to be so fun and fresh! Drama says dumb things, Turtle says horny things, E says short things, Ari yells things, and all the while Adrian Grenier stumbles around trying desperately to learn how to act. A-thanks, but a-no thanks. [THR]

...Former Clinton adviser and current ABC political analyst George Stephanopoulos has been offered a gig on Good Morning America. Basically he'd be replacing Diane Sawyer once she leaves next week to go do the evening news. Naturally George's first question to the network was "Would I have to wear her wig?" To which the ABC brass nodded their heads gravely and said "Yes, of course." So, decisions to be made. [THR]

...Some sort of Canadian speedskater is mad at Stephen Colbert because on a recent episode of his show he made fun of Canadian people. Which is confusing. I mean, I didn't think Canadian people were allowed to get angry. Like ever. Let alone say the word "jerk", which is what she publicly called Colbert. "Hoser," sure. But "jerk"? I think that immoral Degrassi show is poisoning the minds of our neighbors to the North. Next thing you know they're gonna be wanting real bacon and will rebel against the Queen. Anarchy! [EW]

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