Fox Is Making All Its Shows Sing

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... What is Glee doing to our country? Fox is trying to make all of its shows a little more like ratings-juggernaut American Idol and flavor-of-the-month Glee by having them do some musical bits. From April 29 to May 5, Fringe, Bones, House, The Simpsons, Family Guy, and others will have "musical elements" shoehorned into their plots. I can't wait to see Agent Philip Broyles do "Moon River." [The Live Feed]

... Next year, America's housewives will have to wait until the evening to be told how to act. Oprah Winfrey is expected to announce that her next big-time project will be an hour-long show that airs at night on her OWN cable network. Oprah's Next Chapter (let's hope that's a working title) will follow Oprah as she sends out her subliminal messages and tells her sheep what to read from various places around the globe, taking her out of her evil lair and into the real world. Who will protect us when this beast is let loose!? [Wall Street Journal]

... MTV's My Life as Liz star Taylor Terry hurt her neck in a car accident when her Hummer H3 crashed into another vehicle. But the real reason I put this item in here is because the geniuses at TMZ used this headline: "MTV Starlet Hurts Neck in Hummer Incident." [TMZ]

... Mad Men is totally mad! Instead of its usual August start date, the AMC hit will start in July. Adjust your shopping schedule to appropriately stock up on hair gel and vermouth. [Digital Spy]

... Slightly spoilery Smallville news: The Black Canary will be back in the season finale. She will face her nemesis, the Gaseous Mineshaft. [Kyptonsite]

... HBO has picked up Enlightened, a comedy about a woman (Laura Dern) who has a "revelatory experience" after rehab and sets out to live her life in a different way. Hilarity ensues. And Showtime has ordered Shameless, about a drunkard (William H. Macy) who tries to take care of his family while living in the slums of Chicago. I'm guessing there's less hilarity in that one. [THR & THR]

... Answer: A show that just got renewed through 2014. Question: What is Jeopardy!? The category is: Shows that just got renewed through 2014. The puzzle: WH__L OF FORTUN_. Is it Whale of Fortune?! Oh, I give up. [The Wrap]

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