Fox is turning Japanese with Hole

Now this is a reality/game show that we can finally get behind.

Fox is continuing its reality-laden lineup by finally making what looks like a good decision. If a network is going to remake a gameshow, it's best to get your source material from Japan, where they know how to do it right.

The network is remaking Hole in the Wall for US audiences, according to Variety. But this isn't one of those answer-a-question-for-cash types of game shows. In Hole in the Wall, contestants attempt to contort their bodies to fit through a cutout in a moving wall; if they fail, they're knocked into a small kiddy pool of water.

Fox has ordered a pilot and will decide whether or not to make it a series at a later date.

Clips of this game of human Tetris have been a hit on YouTube, and the game has moved over to other countries, including France, Russia, India, and Australia.

Japan has a long history with awesome gameshows, and G4TV has capitalized on the fad lately with its block of programming dedicated exclusively to the genre.

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