Fox News crew kidnapped in Gaza

Palestinian gunmen have abducted a Fox News reporter and his cameraman, Fox News reports. American reporter Steve Centanni and his New Zealander cameraman Olaf Wiig were taken in a car ambush in Gaza City.

Eyewitnesses report that a Fox News mobile truck was parked near the Palestinian Authority building in Gaza City. Several cars drove up and boxed in the Fox News truck, and masked gunmen held the truck's bodyguard at gunpoint while they ushered the two Fox News employees into one of the cars and sped away. The pair's translator was also captured and released.

Fox News confirmed that the two had been taken.

"Negotiations for their release are taking place right now," the channel said in a statement.

Foreign journalists are common targets for kidnappers. Christian Science Monitor writer Jill Carroll was kidnapped in January and held for 82 days before being released without serious injury.

So far, no militant group has claimed responsibility for the latest kidnapping.

"This is not acceptable at all," said Khaled Abu Hilal, a spokesman for the Palestinian Authority Interior Ministry.

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