Fox Picks Up Another Season of The Cleveland Show

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According to our highly accurate* user ratings, you all out there really don't care too much for The Cleveland Show. The Family Guy spinoff has a 5.6 overall rating, well below that of creator Seth MacFarlane's other two cartoons Family Guy and American Dad.

Unfortunately, you guys aren't the programming directors at Fox, which picked up The Cleveland Show for a third season today and thereby solidified its love affair with MacFarlane and his gross-out 'toons. The renewal comes before the second season has even aired, as animated shows have much longer production cycles than live-action shows.

The question is: Does The Cleveland Show really deserve this renewal? I haven't checked out the show since the first few episodes, because the first few episodes were awful. Has it gotten better? Or are people just too lazy (or stoned) to change the channel on Sundays? Enlighten me.

* user ratings may not necessarily be accurate.

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