News Briefs: Fox Wants to Make a Predator Series

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... Fox is plotting a television series based on Predator, the badass 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger film featuring the Governator fighting an alien who came to Earth to hunt for sport. Iron Man 3 writer Shane Black is attached to bring it to television, but details on the specifics aren't available yet. But given current TV trends, I'm thinking it might be about the Predator, recently divorced, who is forced to move back in with his parents, who are superheroes. Get this reboot to the choppah! [THR]


... True Blood returned Sunday to start up its final season, and it did better AND worse than last year. Let me explain. The 9pm initial airing drew 4 million viewers, down about half a million from last season. But overall for the night, the Season 7 premiere outdrew the Season 6 premiere 5.8 million to 5.6 million. Still, steady is something to celebrate nowadays, but one would also hope that the Truebies would rally for the show's final season. So congratulations and condolences, I guess? I'm so confused! [Deadline]

... Lifetime, you're serious about this being serious, aren't you? The home of movies like The Craigslist Killer is adapting Steven King's novella Big Driver into a made-for-TV movie with Maria Bello (Prime Suspect) starring. In the book, a writer (of course, this being King) is stranded on the side of a road when she's helped out by a stranger who turns out to be not so kind. In fact, he gets all punchy and rapey with her. So naturally she goes on a quest to kick his ass. Olympia Dukakis and Joan Jett will also star. [TV Guide]

... Here's that preview of Downton Abbey's fifth season that you've been dying for.

... Animal Planet has renewed The Pool Master after one episode. So now Animal Planet has a pair of new shows it's high on—Treehouse Masters and The Pool Master—featuring the world's most deadly animal... MAN. Specifically, men who like to improve backyards. [THR]


... Carrie Brownstein, better known as one half of Portlandia and one third of Sleater-Kinney, is headed over to Amazon to co-star in the upcoming dramedy series Transparent. In the indie-as-F series, about a family who bonds after a father's secret is let out, Brownstein will play the best friend to Gabi Hoffman's character. Good for Brownstein, Transparent was easily the best of the five Amazon pilots that were released earlier this year. [The Wrap]

... Season 4 of Showtime's Web Therapy will stage the 120 billionth Friends reunion. Matthew Perry is among the stars on the guest list for Lisa Kudrow's comedy, marking the fourth consecutive Friends star to drop by Phoebe's show (Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, and Matt LeBlanc have all appeared on the show). Also dropping by for Season 4 will be Lauren Graham, Dax Shepard, Jon Hamm, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Allison Janney, and Craig Ferguson. [Showtime via press release] 


... Daniel Fienberg of HitFix talks about the decision to cast a white actor in television's only lead role for a Middle Eastern character. He doesn't like it. [HitFix]

... The Huffington Post's Mo Ryan is over the use of rape as a lazy means to vilify a character. Be warned: Tyrant uses rape with gusto. [Huffington Post]


... Our list of dream Emmy nominees comes to thrilling conclusion with our picks for Best Drama

... CBS announced its fall premiere dates, so plan your NCIS premiere party NOW.

... Hulu will not be saving Community. Talks have broken down between the two. 

... Teen Wolf is back, and you know what that means: Price's photorecaps are back, too!

... And if you're still watching 24: Live Another Day, Cory's got your review right here

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