Fox Pulls Breaking In From Its Schedule, Cancellation Is Imminent for Real This Time

On May 11 of last year, Fox canceled then-new series Breaking In only to later resurrect the show by ordering a second season. Just over 11 months later, Fox has essentially canceled the show again. The comedy has been pulled from Fox's schedule in the middle of Season 2 after its most recent episode, which aired on April 3, hit a 1.3 rating in the adult demo and drew just 2.6 million viewers.

Last year, the series got a miracle revival after being canceled, but that won't happen this year. Update your books, Breaking In is canceled for good this time. Fox will air repeats of New Girl in the show's place as it puts all of its eggs in Zooey Deschanel's basket.

Breaking In's revival was doomed from the start; this wasn't a Family Guy situation. In truth, it was Fox throwing its arms up and saying, "We got nothin' else... let's bring back Slater and cross our fingers." But the audience, which was minimal to begin with, never grew. As we've discussed before, Fox has 11 live-action comedy projects in the works and it's looking to build its comedy chops, so it didn't make sense to keep Breaking In around.

Will you miss Breaking In?

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