Fox Renews Glee for Season 5, Then Renews It Again for Season 6

One of the higher-profile television shows whose future has surprisingly remained up in the air—until today, anyway—is Fox's Glee. Despite being one of the network's most talked-about programs and making it rain with its side business of selling songs on iTunes (Fox says it's sold more than 53 million Glee songs online and another 13 million Glee albums), Glee entered mid-April without any official word of a renewal. Even the bumbling crime caper The Following got renewed.

Well, the question of Glee's future was answered in spectacular Ryan Murphy-esque fashion when Fox ordered a fifth season of the musical comedy. AND a sixth season. That's right, after pussyfooting about the decision for months, Fox suddenly decided the show was worth another 44 episodes. 

In all likelihood, the decision to renew was already made by Fox, and the delay in the announcement had more to do with the Glee team negotiating for a bigger pickup. And given the way the general public thinks Glee is tumbling down in quality, it's a risky move on Fox's part. But hey, ITUNES DOWNLOADS.

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