Fox Schedules a Sleepy Summer

... Fox has announced its summer schedule and ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz... So You Think You Can Dance premieres May 26, Masterchef premieres June 7, and Hell's Kitchen premieres July 19. And then there are a lot of repeats. So go ahead, take a vacation this summer. You've earned it. [Fox via press release]

... Recently I examined 20 pilots currently in-production that sound pretty darned good. At the top of my list was NBC's REM, a new thriller from Lone Star creator Kyle Killen. It stars Jason Isaacs as a cop who gets in an accident and wakes up in two realities. Now we have more info on what those two realities are: In one, he learns that he killed his son... and in the other he killed his wife. Ouch! In other REM news, Wilmer Valderrama (The '70s Show) and BD Wong (Law & Order: SVU) have joined the cast. I'm liking Wong in this, not so sure about Wilmer. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Michael Chiklis did it, so why not Julie Benz? The No Ordinary Family star has followed Chiklis's lead and found a new gig to fall back on should the ABC superhero drama get yanked (and it's looking more and more likely). Benz (Dexter) has joined an untitled CBS pilot about a surgeon who is guided through the challenges of life by the spirit of his deceased wife. Benz would play the sister of the surgeon. Also, and this may be off-topic, but Benz is hot. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Score two for super-trashy reality television masquerading as legit primetime programming! ABC has renewed both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette for new seasons—their 16th and 7th, respectively. Let's hope Brad gets a third chance to find love! [EW]

... Curb Your Enthusiasm's Cheryl Hines has booked a role on the ABC pilot Suburgatory. The comedy is about a young girl who moves from the big city to the 'burbs. Alan Tudyk is among the cast members who've already signed. [EW]

... Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks) and Scott Foley (Cougar Town) have joined the CBS drama The Doctor. You'll never guess what this show is about! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Criminal Minds's Paget Brewster has been cast on NBC's My Life As An Experiment. But pardon me while I get excited about something else: Canadian actor Jon Dore has been cast as the lead on that show! Dore is the hilarious star of meta-comedy The Jon Dore Show, and will play a man who undergoes weird experiments as part of his job as a journalist. Congratulations, Mr. Dore! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Supernatural creator Eric Kripke has said that the TV adaptation of The Sandman is no longer a go, at least for this season. Kripke was attached to the graphic-novel-to-TV project and hopes to do it in the future. [THR]

... Quentin Tarantino has sued Alan Ball (creator of True Blood) over Ball's birds. Q lives next door to Ball in some fancy neighborhood you could never afford, and Ball's collection of exotic birds are squawking loud enough to make the Pulp Fiction director take legal action. Only the hard-hitting news here, fellas. [TMZ]

... Finally, Noah Emmerich has joined Stephen Gaghan's NBC pilot S.I.L.A., a complex drama surrounding crime, law, and corruption in Los Angeles. You'll remember Emmerich as the CDC doctor on The Walking Dead. [Deadline Hollywood]

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