Fox Sets Out to Destroy Chuck, NBC

Hey, Chuck Bartowski, Dr. Gregory House has a prescription for you: 50ccs of EAT IT! According to a report in Broadcasting & Cable, Fox has decided to air the next new episode of House on January 11, which happens to coincide with the regular time-slot premiere of NBC's Chuck.

For Chuck fans who want to see the show earn good ratings and allow them to stop eating $5 chicken teriyaki subs, this is certainly not what the doctor ordered. (Ha! See what I did there?)

House was due to return on January 25, giving Chuck a head start to gain momentum in its Monday time slot. But once NBC announced its mid-season schedule, Fox took a look and said, "Nuh-uh."

Fox's shrewd move isn't all bad for Chuck, as the show's two-hour season premiere will still air on Sunday, January 10. But if I was a hardcore Chuck fan, I'd be really upset about this. Moving House is one of those deliciously evil moves made by one network in an attempt to destroy another. It's the kind of move that a sadist like myself can appreciate, even though I think Chuck is a pretty good show.

And as I'm writing this, another bit of news comes across the wire: Fox is also reportedly moving a new episode of Fringe so that it follows House on January 11... which means Fringe will go up against Heroes in its new time slot. NETWORK FIGHT!!!

Somewhere, a Fox suit is giggling. Talk about kicking something when it's down.

Do you like to watch these networks squabble like this? Or do you just want everyone to get along and play nice?

This clip seems appropriate.

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