Fox's New Promo is WTF-worthy

For those of you fortunate enough to have not worked in the media, entertainment, or business fields, there's a nasty little idea called "branding" that executives get all hot and bothered over. Basically, branding is a way for companies to define themselves (think Sci-Fi's shift to SyFy) -- much like your self-professed "cool uncle" will say he's "down with" this or that.

Occasionally, networks will gather their biggest stars to film ensemble promos, with the intent of helping brand the company. They don't always achieve the results they're going for. SyFy's "House of Imagination" implied that nerds are no longer allowed in their club, and featured the network's stars parading around a trippy house that doubled as the world's coolest party. ABC crammed its stars into the "ABC House," which featured Matthew Fox and Teri Hatcher spouting off awkward lines that were scripted by marketing dunces. These are silly and harmless examples that viewers can chuckle off, but the latest network promo is one huge ball of WTF?

Fox has gathered some of its big names (via clips from various episodes) to participate in a branding promo, and instead of placing it in a house or at a party, the network chose... a strip club. Created by Fox "Redband" (meaning it's naughty!), the "Welcome to the Club" video features House's Hugh Laurie, Olivia Wilde, and Omar Epps; Bones' David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel; and Fringe's Anna Torv, among others. Also, it makes absolutely no sense.

It's hard to say what Fox was going for with this, but if they were going for "What the hell did I just watch?!" they nailed it!

Oh, just watch the video for yourself... I'm so confused.

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