Foxtel shows ruled too rude

After airing some TV shows found to be too racy, Foxtel has agreed to tighten its classification strategy.

The broadcaster aired several shows that the industry regulator, the Australian Media and Communications Authority, says were too hot for television.

The shows, Cathouse (Showtime Channel), The Wonderful World of Sex (The Comedy Channel) and Naked Wild On (E! Entertainment Channel) contained nudity and sexual content that raised them above an MA15+ and into R18+.

Amongst some of the content in the shows, which were reality or documentary, were scenes including oral sex, masturbation and nudity of a high impact.

That took them above the limitations allowed for general broadcasting.

All three shows were deemed R18+ by the Classification Board.

In order to air content higher than MA15+, they must air on a narrowcasting channel with a child lockout, such as the Adult Channel.

The chairman of industry regulator Chris Chapman said, "The ACMA considers classification-related breaches which are at the upper threshold of what may be broadcast on Australian television as particularly serious.

"While recognising the challenges faced by Foxtel in providing a large number of channels to consumers, the ACMA has particular concerns about the contractual arrangements licensees have in place for the classification of programming."

As a result Foxtel will step up its approach to classifications and content, including requiring all channels to abide by its new policy.

It will now employ a full time classifier and step up training for staff in conjunction with the Classification Board.

The ruling and outcome doesn't mean Foxtel shows will be devoid of nudity or sex scenes. Everything relies on context and impact, and whether it is real or implied.

The current guidelines still allow for drama and movies to depict plenty.

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Aug 28, 2009
Who cares? masturbation oral sex and whatever are all parts of life. They're just life's normal pleasures and if people don't want to see it they don't have to. People just need to go with the flow more, stop protesting every stupid thing.

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