Foxtel to begin 3D in 2011

With this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) abuzz with 3D TV announcements, cable provider Foxtel has said it is planning to begin 3D broadcasts of its own in 2011.

Foxtel CEO Kim Williams told gadget blog Gizmodo that he expects "Foxtel will bring its first test broadcasts in 3D to subscribers in 2011 when full product details will be revealed".

Williams said the company had been monitoring 3D developments for the past year and has an "active program" in its engineering labs.

"3D is an exciting development in broadcasting and Foxtel HD set-top units have already carried 3D signals in our premises with terrific picture clarity. Foxtel will continue to run laboratory trials on 3D transmissions over the next year," Williams told Gizmodo.

At the start of this year, Sony announced new 3D content deals with ESPN and Discovery, and Foxtel has rights to broadcast content from both of these providers.

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Jan 19, 2010
Oh big deal why don't they just say "from next year subscribers will have to pay even more than they already do" Because that is obviously what they want to do but without a big revolution like 3D the ACCC wouldn't let them what a waste of time the whole concept of 3D television is anyway let alone pay tv 3D.